Belastungszeugin im Korruptionsfall Alexander B. gestorben,alexander-b-ex-lebensgefaehrtin-tot-100.html

RIP John!

RIP Kymberly!

RIP Roslyn!

RIP Heimo!

RIP Peter!

RIP Veikko!

RIP Sebastian!

Members of the Madrid audience are said to have thought Arsenio Puro’s sudden fall was part of his act, but it soon turned to shock as he failed to get up.

A 20-month-old girl has been killed after being hit by a massive hailstone during a rare storm in northeastern Spain

Deaths from ‘unknown causes’ in Spain have been recorded at more than 32,000.

Wallenberg-modern Suzanne Fleming död Fick tre barn tillsammans med Peter Wallenberg Suzanne Fleming. Suzanne Fleming, mamma till Jacob och ”Poker” Wallenberg, har avlidit, 88 år gammal. Hon sörjs närmast av sina fem barn och övrig familj.öd/vi-AA144xk7?cvid=6c62e8705f5d4f06b60e1c5b82a1298d

Princess Micaela, Dowager Countess of Paris, has died at the age of 83, following a fascinating career that saw her traverse the worlds of advertising, government and medical research.