Meglio un giorno da leone che cento da pecora

My grandma! Real woman! Real Love! Real patriot! Versus corrupt Yle Åbo!

What is a doctor? Define a doctor!

Know THY Bones!

Finland has very very bad guys! Worse than italian mafia! Tragedy!

2022! Sustainability vi nå!

Know THY medicine! Know THY Life!

Free from corruption! We know what real love is!

#placebo #epilepsy Brain awareness week

Brain awareness week 2022

One Love! One world! Sustainability vi nå!

Good stuff ! Finnish stuff!

Summer 2022! It could be true!


Fashion is my passion! From Finland with love!

Real stuff!

We rock the world!

Rome! Roma! It is all about coma!

All the roads lead to Rome!

Big Science Finland!

Sjörätt! Det handlar om Folkvett! Del av BIG SCIENCE FINLAND!

We are free from corruption! How about you guys? Do you know how it is to have a brain of your own free from manipulation and corruption?

Hållbar mode! Finland vet!

Local information! Local life! No manipulation! No corruption!

The reason why I love Fashion! Made in Finland!

Happy Childhood! Happy Life!

My grandma! She is my inspiration for Finlandiabiosciences! She self educated herself with the help of books,radio and newspapers