Hong kong covid is sky rocketing


Disaster woman Roberta Metsola!

Roberta Metsola comes from Mafia country Malta! We find her unqualified when it comes

to real stuff that are free from corruption and mafia. Malta is heavily infected with 

cocaine and PFAS both of which are a disaster in combination with Covid Management!

Disaster woman Sanna Marin!

Finland has never had so many death from covid-19 as it is having now but we want to open up.

We find Sanna Marin to be unqualified when it comes to anything real in life!

For those who do not know, Sanna Marin has grown up with a violent lesbian mother

that is the reason why she is an abusive person who among others abuses Finnish society  

by being part of a system that promotes breadlines! Sanna Marin is unfit to be a PM and unfit

to be a mother and the proof that Finland is a joke! It has no brain of its own! It is not

a real country!

Nose mask so you can eat!

Check out below link! It is a mask just for your nose so you can eat!