And the meeting was arranged by iranian ramin mirfarkhani who most obviously gets direct orders from mafia country iran

BREAKING: Major British Bank NatWest pleads guilty to AML failings surrounding £365M in suspicious transactions

National Westminster Bank Plc – more commonly known as NatWest– admitted in Westminster Magistrates’ Court that it had acted in breach of the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations.

It now awaits sentencing. It brings this, the first criminal prosecution case against an entity by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), almost to a close. In a brief statement Thursday, the FCA announced that #NatWest “accepts that it failed to comply,” with a number of #AML regulations between November 2012 and June 2016. “These regulations require certain firms, including those regulated by the #FCA, to ensure they have adequate anti-money laundering system and controls to prevent money laundering.”

FÜR DEN GEBURTSTAG AUF DEM HAMBACHER SCHLOSS Professor ließ Uni 15 000 Euro blechen

02.10.2021 - 14:41 Uhr Gießen – Stilvoll beging der Professor der Uni Gießen seinen 50. Geburtstag auf dem Hambacher Schloss – mit 100 Gästen, bei gutem Essen, gutem Wein und guten Gesprächen. Ließ den Event aus Uni-Geldern bezahlen.

Fand man dort gar nicht lustig, zeigte ihn an. Zwölf Jahre später kassierte er dafür jetzt elf Monate Haft auf Bewährung!

Monaco hunts oil-bribery whistleblower in EU

A whistleblower who exposed massive bribery at a Monaco-based oil firm is now being hunted in Europe, in a test of its extradition system. Jonathan Taylor, back in 2013, revealed that his former employer, SBM Offshore, had routinely paid bribes to foreign governments, for instance in Angola, Brazil, and Equatorial Guinea.

His evidence saw it pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines worldwide and prompted government resignations in Brazil.

But for the past six weeks, Taylor, a British national who lives in the UK, has been stuck in Croatia pending his potential extradition to Monaco on spurious charges. And his name appears to have been red-flagged in Europe's banking system.

Monaco ousts justice chief after Russian billionaire scandal

The royal palace of Monaco said Tuesday that it was replacing its justice minister following his decision to block a new term for a judge leading a corruption inquiry involving a Russian billionaire.

Justice minister Laurent Anselmi will be replaced by Robert Gelli, a French prosecutor at the Aix-en-Provence appeals court in southern France.

Monaco: insufficient anti-corruption progress says expert report

In a new report on the prevention of corruption of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors in Monaco the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO regrets the low level of implementation of its recommendations (two out of sixteen).

As far as parliamentarians are concerned, GRECO notes that none of the recommendations have been implemented.

Nevertheless, it notes with satisfaction that the authorities of Monaco have expressed their intention to prepare a Code of Conduct for parliamentarians, to strengthen the National Council’s rules of procedure to extend the range of sanctions for misconduct by parliamentarians and to train them.

Aspergic ppl are abusive! Whorlton Hall inquiry: Nine former hospital staff charged over patient abuse allegations

Six men and three women have been charged with one or more counts of ill treatment or wilful neglect of an individual by a care worker.

Aspergic woman! Full of corruption and stupidity!

Nuclear Power Phase-out in 999,990 Years

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Led to Change of Course in Germany It was a human-made disaster.

The follow-up costs are estimated at several hundred billion euros, and the clean-up work will continue for decades.

The long process ahead – loading the repository should start in 2050


NEWS 28 Sep 2020,

Germany takes first small step towards finding nuclear waste resting place