30th of April is hereby Known as Marthe Gautier day!

Know THY brain!

Vi tror på gud! Vi tror ej på Nato!

Svenska staten är en mähä!


Skulls in Rome!

Know THY cell line!

Danmarks Klimatmål!

From EU with love

EU launches five new research missions for 2030 agenda

Get rid of corruption and Asperger

if you wish Agenda2030 to be real!

European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (29 September) five new research missions to deliver on major challenges by 2030 - fighting cancer, climate-change adaptation, oceans restoration, smart cities and soil pollution. But the ambition of some of them has been watered down, compared to the experts' previous proposals.

The missions will receive up to €1.9bn until 2023 under the EU research programme Horizon Europe to achieve concrete goals through research projects and policy measures. The EU Commission said that they will boost new solutions, operating "as a portfolio of actions involving different instruments, business models and public and private investments at EU, national, regional and local levels". The missions concept was first proposed by former research commissioner Carlos Moedas and further developed by economist Mariana Mazzucato.


Agenda 2030

I propose that Finland becomes the Leading country in making Agenda 2030

a true global story!

Agenda 2030! Sua varten!

Believe in Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030! Ain't no mountain high enough!


Agenda 2030! Follow my Pamp!

Born to be wild! Agenda 2030! My Science! My Adventure!

Agenda 2030! We will rock you!

Agenda 2030! Friends will be friends!

Immunization Agenda 2030

Sukupuolten tasa-arvo läpileikkaavana tavoitteena - Agenda 2030

Finland leading the world making Agenda2030 real