Betrayed by bile: Bile acids help norovirus sneak into cells

A new study led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that human noroviruses, the leading viral cause of foodborne illness and acute diarrhea around the world, infect cells of the small intestine by piggybacking on a normal cellular process called endocytosis that cells use to acquire materials from their environment.

The study found that two compounds present in bile -- bile acids and the fat ceramide -- are necessary for successful viral infection of a laboratory model of the human small intestine

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KK Aggarwal, former IMA president, passes away due to Covid

Padma Shri and former national president of the Indian Medical Association Dr KK Aggarwal passed away after a lengthy battle with Covid-19. He was admitted in AIIMS Delhi.

Aggarwal (62) was on ventilator support since last week.

Australian businessman trapped in India dies from Covid

An Australian man has died of Covid in Delhi, after getting infected around the time Australia banned citizens in India from returning home.

Govind Kant, a Sydney businessman, died on Sunday, his company said.

Congress MP Rajeev Satav dies after recovering from COVID-19

Pune, May 16 (PTI) Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Satav died on Sunday due to post-coronavirus complications, party sources said. Satav (46) was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Pune after testing coronavirus positive last month and was on ventilator support.

After recovering from COVID-19, he was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus infection and his condition became critical.

Damon Weaver, who interviewed Obama as an 11-year-old, dies aged 23

No matter if it was a stranger, his mom or a family member, he was just a ball of light with so much energy. He was always positive, always had a smile on a face and he was always a joy to be around. He left an impact on a lot of people," Hardy said. "I would like to be Wolf Blitzer," Weaver told Time Magazine in a 2009 interview. Weaver spoke to Blitzer about his interview with Obama that year, at which point the CNN anchor asked the 11-year-old to put in a good word for him with the President.

Blackpool lightning strike: Family tribute to Jordan Banks

The family of a nine-year-old boy killed after being struck by lightning during football training said he was "the brightest star" and "our everything". Jordan Banks was injured when a thunderstorm hit as he was on a playing field in Blackpool on Tuesday evening.

A statement from his family said "our worlds stopped" when "we lost our beautiful boy". Jordan had an "infectious smile" and was "wise beyond his years", it added.

With the stroke of a pen, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani put his sibling into the chromite business with a tarnished U.S. defense contractor.

Afghanistan’s crags and valleys hold at least a trillion dollars’ worth of minerals, first mapped by Soviet geologists in the 1970s.

Local warlords and foreign powers have plundered these deposits ever since.

Weirdo death! Arman is dead!

Arman, the French sculptor known internationally for his surprising accumulations of trash and found objects, died Saturday at his home in New York. He was 76. The cause was cancer, said his wife, Corice Canton Arman. A founding member of the Nouveau Réalistes, a group that included Yves Klein, Daniel Spoerri and Jean Tinguely, Arman made his mark in the 1960's.

For a famous exhibition in 1960 at the Iris Clert Gallery in Paris he responded to Klein's exhibition "La Vide" ("The Void"), which consisted of an entirely empty gallery, by filling the gallery floor to ceiling with rubbish and calling it "Le Plein" ("Full Up").

Weirdo germans

The Weird, Extremely German Origins of the Wirecard Scandal.

How politicians, regulators, and the media fell for an obvious financial fraud

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När Handelsbankens ordförande Pär Boman tillträdde under våren 2015 utlovade han storstädning inom Handelsbanksfären efter månader av skandalrubriker.

I medier beskrevs han som ”Mr Clean”, någon som ville bryta med den gamla kulturen av exklusiva förmåner. Men han berättade aldrig om den lyxiga jaktresan till Spanien som han själv var med på bara några månader innan han tillträdde. En födelsedagspresent till Sverker Martin-Löf arrangerad av sfärens maktbolag.

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Støjberg, now the deputy leader of the Venstre (Liberal) party in opposition, has, since the scandal broke, sought to characterise the illegal directive as an attempt to rescue child brides from forced marriages with much older husbands.

But that in itself is not a faithful characterisation, as media reports involving affected couples have demonstrated.

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CFTC Whistleblower Program in Peril Over Potential $100 Million-Plus Payout

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s whistleblower program is in turmoil over a potential payout exceeding $100 million to a former Deutsche Bank AG executive—one so large it would deplete the agency’s whistleblower funds and has led it to seek congressional action.

The executive had provided information that helped CFTC and Justice Department investigations that led to roughly $2.5 billion in settlements with Deutsche Bank in 2015, including $800 million with the CFTC. They alleged that the bank manipulated the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, a benchmark interest rate used to set short-term loans for global banks.

Tyske arkitekten Helmut Jahn död i cykelolycka

Den tysk-amerikanske arkitekten Helmut Jahn har avlidit, 81 år gammal. Han omkom i en trafikolycka i Campton Hills utanför Chicago när hans cykel krockade med två bilar. Jahn är främst känd för stora höghus och flygplatser i modernistisk och postmodernistisk stil, oftast i hans favoritmaterial glas, stål och betong.

Född i Nürnberg 1940 tog sig Jahn som ung över Atlanten, till Chicago, där han på 1960-talet studerade under en av Bauhaus-skolans ledande arkitekter, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Body of former professional footballer James Dean found after four-day search

The body of James Dean, a former forward who played for clubs including Bury, Halifax, Chorley, Altrincham and Fylde, was found on Sunday afternoon, local police have confirmed

Pohjola-Nordens styrelse häver Oksanens arbetsavtal och kopplar in jurist

Pohjola-Nordens generalsekreterare Michael Oksanen har använt kring 80 000 euro av föreningens medel på felaktiga grunder visar specialrevisionen, enligt HBL:s källor.

Styrelsen kopplar nu in en jurist som ska utreda hur mycket av de här pengarna föreningen kan kräva tillbaka av Oksanen och om fallet borde polisanmälas.

Senior NASA Employee Pleads Guilty to COVID-19 Related Loan Fraud

Despite holding a senior executive position at NASA, the defendant applied for over $350,000 in fraudulent loans and benefits,” said Raj Parekh, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

“In doing so, he essentially treated COVID-19 relief programs as a personal piggy bank, using funds intended to provide pandemic relief for small businesses and the unemployed to pay down his credit card debt, pay off loans for a residential pool and minivan, and pay a dog-breeder, among other personal expenses.

EDVA will continue to hold accountable individuals who exploit a national economic crisis in order to unlawfully enrich themselves at the expense of those in genuine need due to the pandemic.”

Helenas man dog under jordmassorna – nu vill hon att säkerhetsarbetet förbättras

Den 19 februari förra året förlorade Helena Ekenstein i Säter sin make Thomas i en arbetsplatsolycka i Hedemora.

Thomas var anläggningsarbetare och jobbade i ett fyra meter djupt schakt när ena väggen plötsligt rasade. Den schaktkassett som ska skydda mot eventuella ras användes inte.

Thomas Ekenstein var en av 58 personer i landet som omkom på sina arbeten under fjolåret. Arbetsmiljöverkets utredning visade på allvarliga brister i säkerheten och ärendet lämnades över till åklagare. Om det blir något åtal vet inte Helena Ekenstein, hon och hennes tre döttrar väntar sedan länge på åklagarens beslut.


My life was hell as a result of this. It still is. They have to recognize that families really suffered

Electronic lobotomy': Montreal doctor ruined hundreds of lives with CIA-funded ‘depatterning’ treatment, victims say

Steven Anderson Scandal

Steven Lee Anderson (born July 24, 1981) is an American preacher. Founder of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement, he is pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. He has received international notoriety and condemnation for advocating the death penalty for homosexuals and praying for the deaths of former U.S. president Barack Obama and media personality Caitlyn Jenner. He has also received media attention for publishing a documentary titled Marching to Zion which "championed a wide range of antisemitic stereotypes".

He has been banned from many countries, including Jamaica, Canada, the Schengen Area—which is made up of 22 of the 27 European Union countries, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.