The future of Stefan Löfven and Sauli Niinistö!

The future of Jacob Wallenberg!

Ciao idioto Sanna Marin! Ciao idioto Stefan Löfven! Ciao idioto Margaretha of DEnmark! Ciao idioto Norway!

The amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere reached 419 parts per million in May, its highest level in more than four million years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Monday.

After dipping last year because of pandemic-fueled lockdowns, emissions of greenhouse gases have begun to soar again as economies open and people resume work and travel.

The newly released data about May carbon dioxide levels show that the global community so far has failed to slow the accumulation of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, NOAA said in its announcement.

Nio planetära gränser inom vilka mänskligheten kan fungera säkert

De nio planetära gränserna är:



Förtunning av ozonskiktet

Användning av fosfor och kväve


Förändrad markanvändning

Minskad biologisk mångfald


Kemiska gifter

Avslöjar: USA har spionerat på svenska politiker med hjälp av Danmark

Do you hate Europe USA?

Are you bitter because Europe has tradition and culture and USA only has barberian ppl

that killed indians?

Amerikanska underrättelsetjänsten NSA har med dansk hjälp spionerat på ledande politiker och höga tjänstemän i Sverige.

Det kan SVT Nyheter avslöja tillsammans med Danmarks Radio, NRK, NDR, WDR, Süddeutsche Zeitung och Le Monde. De nya uppgifterna framkommer i en hemlig utredning med kodnamnet ”Operation Dunhammer” inom danska Forsvarets Efteretningstjeneste (FE). Utredningen har analyserat NSA:s övervakning från Danmark under åren 2012 och 2014. Avslöjandet bygger på information från nio olika källor som alla haft tillgång till hemligstämplad information från danska underrättelsetjänsten. Alla uppgifter är bekräftade av flera av varandra oberoende källor. Majoriteten av källorna bekräftar för Danmarks Radio att namngivna svenska politiker och höga tjänstemän var ett mål för spionaget.

Vikings abused and beheaded their slaves

PUBLISHED Monday 18. july 2016 - 06:20

The Vikings in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland had slaves, or thralls. These thralls probably held multiple roles, serving their masters in many ways in Viking society a thousand years ago.

They could also be given the ultimate rough assignment when important Vikings died. Some followed their masters into the grave. Few contemporary descriptions of Viking burials exist.

But the Arab explorer Ibn Fadlān witnessed one such ritual when a Viking chieftain died. Fadlān had met the Eastern Vikings, also called Rūsiyyah, in what is now Russia:


Bitter! Bitter! Margharetha of Denmark is bitter! Henrik does not want to be in the same grave as her!

Molto molto mafioso!


Zombie mink slaughtered due to coronavirus are 'rising' from mass graves

Last year, Denmark culled millions of farmed mink after coronavirus infections broke out amongst the animals. But in the following months, hastily buried mink carcasses began rising up from the ground, propelled skyward by the gases seeping from their decomposing flesh, according to news reports.

A danish idiot!

Danish doctors rape!

One of the goals with our company is to make the world know that danish doctors

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The 'paradox' of working in the world's most equal countries

When it comes to pay, the difference between gross average hourly earnings of male and female employees in Denmark, Iceland and Norway is only slightly below the EU average of 16%.

In Finland the figure creeps to 16.7%. Sweden comes out best with 12.3%, but still lags behind Luxembourg, Italy and Romania, which all manage a pay gap of 5% or less.

Bitter! Bitter! Margaretha av Danmark är bitter! Bitter! Henrik visste att Margaretha är en satmara så han vägrar och begravas med henne!

Bitter! Bitter Margaretha! Margaretha har tappat förståndet! Stackars! Stackars Margaretha!

Danmarks kungapar drottning Margarethe och prins Henrik kommer inte att begravas i samma grav, bekräftar det danska hovet.

Europe's recovery fund money is dirty money!

Saudi Arabia gave money to Europe's recovery fund! Saudi Arabia allows child labour

Child Labor in Saudi Arabia is the employing of children for work that deprives children of their childhood, dignity, potential, and that is harmful to a child’s physical and mental developmen

When nordic countries take money from Europe's recovery fund they reduce Nordic countries to low life neanderthal countries like Saudi Arabia that allows child labour!

I am pretty sure those arab sheikhs define themselves to be high society but reality is they are low life backwards ppl who allow child labour!

No child labour!

Welcome to Nordic countries! Contrary to middle eastern countries who boast with their

corrupt billions from oil and minerals and as the same time have child labour, in nordic 

countries we are paradise on earth! We are free from child labour!

No cancer

No poison!

Buon Weekend!

Heja Sverige!

Good stuff! Real Stuff!

Strandad död val hittad på sydöstra Öland: ”En sensation”

Det är troligen samma knölval som låg och drev i vattnet väster om Gotland i början av april. Nu har den flutit över hit till Öland istället.


Swedbank carried out almost 37 billion euros (US$40 billion) of transactions with a high risk of money laundering over five years, according to an internal investigation published on Monday that found the bank’s Baltic businesses actively chased risky customers.


Germany invades Scandinavia