Milano Art Platform

Milan Art Platform is a platform dedicated to contemporary art spaces in Milan. Milano Art Platform talks about the activity of galleries, foundations and project spaces by publishing the photographic documentation of the exhibitions and interviews.

Milan Art Platform presents a selection of spaces that form a widespread museum to be discovered.

Networking platforms

Gå med i havsnätverket

Världens hav tampas med allt från oljeläckor och sopberg till överfiske och algblomning. Vill du vara med och arbeta för friskare hav och kuster?


cOALition S is an international consortium of research funders that was launched on September 2018 to implement Plan S. The cOAlition S is supported by Science Europe, hosted and administered by the European Science Foundation.

cOAlition S : Building an Alliance of Funders and Stakeholders

Plan S states the fundamental principles for future Open Access publishing. Science Europe, funders, the European Research Council and the European Commission will work together to clarify and publish implementation details. The plan does not advocate any particular Open Access business model, although it is clear that some of the current models are not compliant. We therefore invite publishers to switch to publication models that comply with these principles.

Chipster – open source data analysis platform

Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data

Let's talk about Platforms

Work and education for everyone

How could 6G Transform Engineering Platforms Towards Ecosystemic Business Models?

Tourism platform

Italy is in need of a tourism platform since it lost 120 billion euros year 2020

due to covid!