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Export giant Germany already has its Overshoot Day 2021 on May 5, followed by France. Next in line are Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, the U.K., Greece and Spain. The latter will have exhausted its resources on May 25

Earth Overshoot Day is calculated by dividing the planet’s biocapacity (the amount of ecological resources Earth can produce that year) by humanity’s ecological footprint (humanity’s demand that year) and multiplying the number of days in a year.




It Goes From Bad to Worse with Franco Dragone

Franco Dragone, who became famous the world over with his Cirque du Soleil creations, is on the verge of bankruptcy. His real estate portfolio in Belgium has also been confiscated.

The production company of the 65-year-old businessman from La Louvière, Productions du Dragone, has been facing financial problems for several years. In recent months, the situation has only become more difficult. A large number of employees, including communication staff and IT specialists, have been dismissed.

Of the 31 employees at the beginning of this year, 19 are still working, half of whom have been given notice of dismissal. Although the management told the staff that it wanted to keep activity in La Louvière, the socialist trade union believes that a closure is imminent. The SudPresse newspapers also take into account the relocation of activities to the Canadian subsidiary in Montreal.

Money laundering

Fraud issues also play tricks on Dragone. At the end of 2015, Dragone was suspected of tax fraud and money laundering. The confiscation by the Belgian state of his real estate portfolio – said to involve several houses, apartments and land – takes place in the context of this fraud case. The court wants to prevent Dragone from taking the neighbourhood abroad.


Wikipedia just gives you glorified info until 2017.Above information covers his disaster fraud mafia life!

Happy Birthday Roma! 21042021

RIP Giulio Berruti!

Rumour has it that Giulio Berruti has died!

He was last seen wearing super expensive clothes that could not hide

his ugly ugly face!

That man is for sure dead inside! RIP!

Kämpa Europa!

Italia e un grande teatro anche idioto!