There are more than 5,100 kilometres of asbestos water pipes in Ireland.

The substance can cause cancer if inhaled, but Irish Water denies that is the case if you consume it through drinking-water. Asbestos cement was commonly used to build truck main from the 1950s to the 1980s – but it has not been used for that purpose in Ireland since that period.

But according to details released under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, there are still 5,122 kilometres of asbestos cement water mains throughout Ireland.

Some 22% of it is in Cork – which is nearly double the amount in greater Dublin.

Towards Asbestos free world

No cancerogenesis

Every five minutes someone dies of a disease related to asbestos. The statistics in an experts’ report for the European Union (EU) reflect the frightening extent of the asbestos problem: 500,000 people will die of asbestos-related cancer in Europe alone by the year 2030.1 These are the statistics despite the fact that processing and importing of the material has been banned in the EU for a number of years. Because asbestos-related cancers have a long latency period, the number of victims will even continue to increase until 2025; only then will the numbers in Europe go down.

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