Any hope for safe food when you travel?

Food poisoning hits more than 90 after Chinese meal in Spain

Spania versting på matforgiftning

Hur mår du Spanien?

Mittmedias megadesk matförgiftad! Hur mår du Sverige?

25 APRIL, 2017

På måndagen var det premiär för Mittmedias nya megadesk i Västerås för sju tidningar i Västmanland och Stockholmsregionen. Men under kickoffen för medarbetarna blev majoriteten matförgiftade och man tvingades ta in vikarier för de nya deskredaktörerna.

berättade tidigare i april om den nya desk som ska serva sju av Mittmedias tidningar i Mellansverige med nyheter. Genom megadesken får alla titlarna bemanning dygnet runt sju dagar i veckan. På måndagen var det premiär för desken som är placerad på Vestmanlands Läns Tidnings redaktion i Västerås.

Men en stor del av arbetsstyrkan var utslagen. – Vi hade två kickoffer för de 17 medarbetarna i desken i slutet av förra veckan och företaget bjöd på lunch från samma restaurang. Nästan alla blev matförgiftade. Det har blivit en lite skakig start, berättar chefredaktören Daniel Nordström för Journalisten

Kvinna dog av matförgiftning

En kvinna från Uddevalla har dött efter att ha matförgiftats på semesterorten Alanya i Turkiet.

No wonder holidaymakers stick with the Full English! Spain tops list of destinations where Britons have been struck down by food poisoning

Hur mår du Spanien?

Portuguese officials probe cause of children’s food poisoning! Hur mår du Portugal?

By News Desk on June 1, 2021

Authorities in Portugal are investigating after up to 70 children needed hospital treatment earlier this month in the country. The Economic and Food Safety Authority (ASAE) through its Southern Regional Unit went to the city of Beja to follow up the alert of illness and discover the cause of suspected food poisoning.

Crap food in USA!

It is not peaceful! It is pissfull! You are in the wrong place!

The Science Behind Your Cheap Wine

In particular, most people don't realize how much chemistry goes into making a product that is supposedly just grapes and yeast, she says. Part of the reason is that, unlike food and medicines, alcoholic beverages in the U.S. aren't covered by the Food and Drug Administration. That means winemakers aren't required to disclose exactly what is in each bottle; all they have to reveal is the alcohol content and whether the wine has sulfites or certain food coloring additives.

Tough Life!


Denmark: Three die of salmonella poisoning linked to herbal remedy

Three people have died in what Danish health authorities say is a large outbreak of salmonella that has left 33 people ill. Nineteen people have been treated in hospital, according to Denmark's SSI health agency.

Those involved in the outbreak are aged between two and 92. All those affected ate Husk brand psyllium husk capsules from batches recalled by manufacturer Orkla Care. Authorities found traces of salmonella in the products at patients' homes.

From chicken to tomatoes, here's why American food is hurting you

After all, our food and our health are deeply connected. American healthcare spending has ballooned to $3.5tn a year, and yet we are sicker than most other developed countries.

Meanwhile, our food system contains thousands of chemicals that have not been proven safe and many that are banned in other countries.

Know thy food! Turkish food with high poison!

Problems found at Turkish Super Cereal food aid supplier

By Joe Whitworth on November 20, 2020 A review has highlighted issues at a Turkish factory that supplied food aid implicated in a deadly outbreak in Uganda that sickened hundreds this past year.

Problems in the processing plant involved poor quality raw materials and lack of traceability back to farms, inadequate quality assurances and recordkeeping, and high quality control and quality assurance staff turnover with inadequate knowledge on Datura stramonium. In 2019, 315 people became ill and five died following consumption of Super Cereal provided by the World Food Programme (WFP) that was later confirmed to be contaminated by tropane alkaloids.

Super Cereal samples had been contaminated with the toxic plant species Datura stramonium also known as jimson weed or thorn‐apple. The source of plant contamination is thought to have originated from harvesting or processing of the soybeans.

Know thy Popcorn!

Microwave Popcorn can give you cancer!

Know thy Popcorn!

Know thy Aspirin!


Know thy medicine!

major screwup

Biotechnology/CRISPR Gene-edited cattle have a major screwup in their DNA Bid for barnyard revolution is set back after regulators find celebrity “hornless” bovines contaminated by bacterial genes.

Revealed: the new lobbying effort to deregulate GMOs

Political pressure aimed at deregulating the new generation of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) has been mounting in the EU since 2018 - when the European Court of Justice ruled that these new techniques still fall under the current framework dealing with genetic-engineering products. New genetic technologies allow speeding up plant-breeding, increasing yields and improving their tolerance to diseases or environmental changes.

However, given that these techniques have not yet shown a sustained safety record, they cannot be exempted from the rules that apply to GMOs, the EU's top court concluded in 2018. In 2019, member states asked the European Commission to prepare a study covering legal uncertainties for new genomic techniques, and policy options, under EU law.

After a virus was created from mail-order DNA, scientists are sounding the alarm about the genetic tinkering carried out in garages and living rooms

Gene editing can lead to global catastrophe!

Hacking Your Own Genes: A Recipe for Disaster

The webpage of the company he launched to sell DIY gene-editing kits (which is advised by celebrity geneticist George Church) says that Zayner is "constantly pushing the boundaries of Science outside traditional environments."

He is more explicit when performing: "Yes I am a criminal. And my crime is that of curiosity," he said last August to a biohacker audience in Oakland, which according to Gizmodo erupted in applause.

Regrettably, Zayner, along with some other biohackers and their defenders in the mainstream scientific world, appear to have given little thought to whether curiosity should be bound in any way by care for social consequence.

Scientists Edited Human Embryos in the Lab, and It Was a Disaster

A team of scientists has used the gene-editing technique CRISPR to create genetically modified human embryos in a London lab, and the results of the experiment do not bode well for the prospect of gene-edited babies.

Biologist Kathy Niakan and her team at the Francis Crick Institute wanted to better understand the role of a particular gene in the earliest stages of human development.

So, using CRISPR, they deleted that gene in human embryos that had been donated for research.

When they analyzed the edited embryos and compared them to ones that hadn’t been edited, they found something troubling:

Around half of the edited embryos contained major unintended edits.

No no side effects!

Nooooo side effects! RIP!

No side effects!

Biverkningar/Side effects

Ibuprofen kan försämra fertilitet hos flickfoster

Ipren kan öka risken för hjärtinfarkt