A world free from politicians and youngsters like Ben never need to die!

Jennifer suffered from severe Asperger! RIP Jennifer!

She died because she had asperger


Stefan Löfven critisizes SD and say they are bad for democracy at the same time

sweden has old nobility rules where castles and stuff are inhereted by the oldest son!

Old nobility rules are not bad for democracy but SD who pays tax is!

Stefan Löfven says shut up SD and pay tax! And  he says nobility rules can be as much backwards against democracy as they want. Our politicians suffer from asperger!

Martin Luther King is known for making amazing speaches but at the same time he did crimes against women

Sealed FBI audio tapes allege Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and watched while a friend raped a woman, a report claims.

Many men in high positions make beautiful speaches but they live against all those beautiful speaches, you might define them as mytoman,since they lie to themselves,however that cannot be the entire truth, probably some bad parenting involved as well.