No one is born homosexual or lesbian, homosexuality and lesbians are symptoms you develop when you are abused by pedophiles!

Lesbians and homosexuals go around saying it is totally normal to be homosexual or lesbian, well biology/medicin says otherwise!

if 100% of women were lesbians and 100% of men homosexual homo sapiens would not have babies!

It would be dead!

You have been abused when you as a woman hate men and get lesbian and when you as a man hate women and become homosexual and the proof for normality is that only normal men and normal women can produce children!

Pedofili and rape

Pedophiles seems to be a huge problem in south europe. The roots could be explained in history of ancient rome and greece where pedophiles were regarded to be normal

Our hope is to be able to eliminate pedophiles by 2040, much better if it is done by 2030.

Below is an example on how wrong stuff can be in germany

Pedofili seems to be a problem in Norrland, we see quite often reports about pedophiles from Norrland

Pedophiles seems to be a huge problem in the netherlands

Dold pedofili är ett stort problem i Finland.Tjejer i 16-års ålder hetsas till att ha sex, det finns en grupp tryck. Har man inte haft sex innan man är 18 anses man vara bakom flötet

The United Kingdom has become one of the main and most profitable markets for Romanian criminal gangs involved in sex trafficking.