Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel Had Secret White House Dinner with Trump

Facebook has admitted that CEO Mark Zuckerberg secretly met with President Donald Trump over dinner at the White House in October. Also at the meeting was Facebook investor Peter Thiel, a major Trump donor and chair of the data technology company Palantir, a defense contractor whose case management system is used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to surveil, track and deport immigrants. It’s not clear what Thiel, Zuckerberg and Trump discussed. Massachusetts senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tweeted, “This is how the government keeps working for giant corporations and the wealthy and well-connected. It’s no wonder that companies like Facebook have been allowed to consolidate economic and political power without any real accountability.”


Fake ppl! Lousy Life! Mark Zuckerberg once met Jeffrey Epstein at a dinner hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman that Elon Musk also attended

the disgraced financier once met Mark Zuckerberg at a dinner organized by Reid Hoffman, the cofounder of LinkedIn, "a few years ago" — well after he went to jail in 2008 on charges including procuring a minor for prostitution.




Big Tech uses ‘socially awkward’ and ‘the spectrum’ to cover their sins

Bill Gates posited himself as the opposite of our tech villains: Mark Zuckerberg, unconcerned by fake news or rioting at the Capitol or the propaganda ISIS and Russia feed through Facebook; Jeff Bezos, whose Amazon recently admitted lying about overworked employees forced to pee in bottles; and Elon Musk, whose SpaceX is bullying residents of the small Texas town Musk would like to buy.


Fake ppl! Lousy Life!

Den är redan dubbelt så stor som en megabrand – och inte i närheten av att vara under kontroll. Bootlegbranden rasar för fullt i Oregons torra skogar. – Antagligen blir den mycket större. Den är på väg in i historieböckerna, säger Jim Gersbach på delstatens skogsmyndighet.


Flooding in centre of Spa

The centre of Spa (Liege Province) is under water. In Liege, Luxembourg and Namur provinces the provincial disaster plan has been declared allowing the governor to take charge of operations. The move follows a code red being instigated for the area by the met office.


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