No Fraud! No Corruption!


Sputnik Vaccin! Fusk?

Forskare misstänker fusk bakom Sputnik V – ”går ända upp till Putin”


The Italian economy loses 236 billion euros a year to corruption, which is about 13 percent of gross domestic product, or equal to 3,903 euros per inhabitant.

From Russia with Photoshop! It is all crap!

Professor Alexandr Bazhin, born 1975, came to Germany from Moscow to make an international academic career in clinical cancer research. He used to be postdoc till he was appointed adjunct professor at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, and is now affiliated with the thoracic surgery department of the Munich University LMU. Bazhin is also a coach for career success, his speciality is “lifelong learning for personal success“. 

Presumably that all is fine, because that paper’s last author and OMICS conference speaker Eichmüller is actually a certified expert for research integrity. He is namely Ombudsman for Good Scientific Practice at DKFZ, which kind of makes it case closed. Not for everyone though: A certain Hoya Camphorifolia chimed in, wondering if the western blots really had to be spliced in that peculiar manner:

Believe me these stuff happens because Angela Merkel and Ursula van der Leyen are psycologically defined to be


Finansieringen kom direkt från Hitlers Berlin

Raslära, lov på Hitlers födelsedag och starka nazistiska kopplingar. I SVT-dokumentären ”Tumba – en släktsaga” avslöjas hockeylegendaren Sven Tumbas okända tid på Tyska skolan. – Det här är den hemliga tiden som han inte nämner i några intervjuer, säger Jens Lind.

Rome! The town of lesbians!

According to several historians, Lesbian artists did not exist before 1970, but in fact, different lesbian artists worked in the nineteenth century, specially in Italy. Homophobia and sexism were part of the society. Women became anonymous because of these reasons. Europe had a reputation of being a place where artists could reach their potential, some of them preferred France or Italy. In Italy, Rome was one of the cities where artists could demonstrate their art.

Different lesbian artists arrived in Rome searching inspiration and here they found another woman with the same interests.

Louis de Geer var toppen av isberget

Pier Luigi Farnese Scandal

Vis dicam? Ex italis stygias ut venit ad horas, / incoepit natibus Pluto timere suis. Do you want me to tell you? When from the Italian shores it came to those of the underworld / Pluto began to fear for his buttocks.

The contemporaries have left many stories of Pier Luigi Farnese's unbridled sexuality and his homosexual tendencies, but the so-called rape of Fano had an international echo, being also instrumentalized, due to its connection with the Pope's family, in religious controversies between Catholics and Protestants.Pier Luigi Farnese's sexuality became target of frequent satires ("pasquinate") and the poet Niccolò Franco of Benevento (1515 – 1570) invented the verb "pierluigiare", meaning "to sodomize by force".When Farnese was killed in 1547, a satirical epigram among many so imagined his descent into hell

With amalgam so much can go wrong!


Elena Undone is a boring lesbian film

Since Emma and Maria Elena are soo lesbians you can say

that today Rome is run by lesbian women!

RIP Maria Sole!

È morta a soli 25 anni Maria Sole Calvanese, la giovane estratta dalle lamiere contorte dell’auto dai vigili del fuoco a seguito dell’incidente stradale avvenuto lungo viale Forlanini a Milano

Olive trees in Italy and Europe are dying!

From Bad to Dead: 2 Years Later, Southern Italy’s Olive Groves Turn Into Ghostly Places

Reseachers say the economic costs of a deadly pathogen affecting olive trees in Europe could run to over €20 billion. They've modelled the future worst impacts of the Xylella fastidiosa pathogen which has killed swathes of trees in Italy. Spread by insects, the bacterium now poses a potential threat to olive plantations in Spain and Greece.

Olive trees in France are in bad shape!

RIP Stefano!

Covid, dolore per Stefano morto a 59 anni

Hur mår du Stefan Löfven? Är du moderslös och pedofil offer Stefan Löfven?

Önskar du död åt alla Stefan Löfven?

Sverige har högst smittotal i Europa

RIP Tomasso!

Ischitella (Gargano), incidente stradale 17 febbraio 2021: morto Tommaso Stefanìa di Foce Varano „Incidente mortale sul Gargano, Ischitella piange Tommaso: aveva 37 anni“ Potrebbe interessarti:

RIP Alessandra!

Towards Asbestos free world

RIP Michael!

Trauer um „Goodbye Deutschland“-Star Michael Mayer: In Griechenland gestorben (mehr dazu bei

That's amore!

No corona!

Heroin countries Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan!

The Golden Crescent is the name given to one of Asia's two principal areas of illicit opium production (with the other being the Golden Triangle), located at the crossroads of Central, South, and Western Asia. This space overlaps three nations, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, whose mountainous peripheries define the crescent.

No Glyphosate!

Dead Planet!

Bad guy Petter!

Petter Portin, of the University of Turku, Finland, has been forced to retract four papers because they were duplicates of work he had already published.

Petter is the top of the iceberg! No article published at Turku University can be trusted!

Swedish gov’t rescinds grant for fish-plastics researcher

The researcher is Peter Eklöv, who co-authored a now-retracted Science paper which suggested fish larvae prefer to eat tiny particles of plastic over their own natural prey. As soon as it appeared in 2016, the paper earned both media attention and controversy, as critics alleged it contained missing data and used a problematic methodology. Late last year, the Swedish Research Council announced that Eklöv was among more than 300 recipients of new grants; his totalled 3,300,000 ($355,440 USD).

How burnt toast and roast potatoes became linked to cancer

Management researcher with 16 retractions has new professorship

Ulrich Lichtenthaler, a management professor who has had to retract 16 papers for data irregularities, has a new position in academia. According to a news release from the International School of Management (ISM), a business school based in Germany, Lichtenthaler has been appointed Professor of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Cologne campus. Lichtenthaler is also taking over as one of the directors of the Entrepreneurship Institute at ISM, which conducts research in the field.

The ‘Iran Connection’: A ring of four research groups has published hundreds of dodgy papers, says whistleblower

The ‘Iran Connection’: A ring of four research groups has published hundreds of dodgy papers, says whistleblower

A scheme of far-reaching research misconduct among several groups of Iranian researchers may have created hundreds of low-quality and fraudulent publications, according to a new detailed report by an anonymous whistleblower who has already forced the retraction of dozens of papers by one author in the ring.

Researcher at Tehran medical school loses three papers because “overlap without cross-referencing is not legitimated”

Fake Reviews!

The one and only lesbian country Finland!

The one and only homosexual Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson reflects the story of homo sapiens!

On the outside he looks perfect!

On the inside he cheats! He lies!


He dies painfully from AIDS!

RIP Petters!

IM ALTER VON 85 JAHREN Publikumsliebling Heinz Petters gestorben

Scandal! 8000 dead in italy because of wrong strategy!

Things have not been done appropriately in the last three months, that is clear,” said Sergio Abrignani, an immunologist and a new member of a scientific committee advising the government. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be having 300, 400 deaths every day, as we have now.”

Most people in their 80s had no protection into March, a pace that put it behind other European countries. It has since raced to catch up. But it is the people infected weeks ago who are now dying. As a result, the profile of the average victim has changed little. In late December, that victim had a mean age of 81. Now, the mean age is 79.

Matteo Villa, a research fellow at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, who has followed the coronavirus, said that earlier mistakes — particularly the slowness of vaccinating those 80 and older — are for the moment still playing out. Villa projects that Italy has so far saved 4,000 lives with its vaccine campaign but that this could have been as high as 12,000, under the optimal model.

Skandal! Italien vaccinerar fel åldersgrupp!

Dödstalen går inte ner – vaccinerat ”fel” personer

Dödstalen fortsätter ligga på hög nivå i Italien – trots vaccinering mot covid-19. En förklaring som ges är att myndigheterna prioriterat fel och gett vaccin till yngre i stället för äldre som fortsatt är utsatta för viruset.

Nazis in australia in the 60's and their mumble jumble about white race!

Fanta is short for fantasy made by nazi friendly max!

Scandalo! Italy has been vaccinating wrong age group!

Has Italy been vaccinating the wrong people? Its daily coronavirus death tolls suggest so.

ROME — Looking at the day-by-day chart tracking Italy’s relentless coronavirus death toll, it would be impossible to tell that the country has had vaccines since late December.

RIP Melanie!

Melanie Schulz 46 ist tot!

Ugly vagina of women who are 40 in Todays world!

There used to be a time when women had a middle age of 30,

in contrary to today that they can live until they are 100!

However todays women know as little about their vaginas as those who lived in the stone age.

Women in the western world who are 40 in todays world have a vagina that is a total disaster with a hole inside it that is the size of grand canyon!

In our anatomy lectures about vagina we will show you how you can respect your vagina so by the time you are 40 it will not be a total disaster and have a hole inside it that is the size of grand canyon!

RIP Maria Elena!

Milano, è morta la giornalista Elena Marco „ Milano, è morta la giornalista Elena Marco Elena, originaria di Trieste, il 17 dicembre avrebbe fatto 54 anni. Il ricordo del collega Caiano

For those who don't know satan has the code number 40!

Nasty Corruption

Swiss Courts Return $40 Million To CONMEBOL In Corruption Probe

Portugal ex-PM to stand trial for money laundering, forgery


Prosecutors accuse Socrates of pocketing 34 million euros ($40 million) from three companies while he was in power between 2005 and 2011, but the ex-prime minister has maintained his innocence.

Nasty country Iran!

Cyber Terrorism

Terrorist country Iran is guilty of cyber terrorism!

A hacking group with suspected ties to Iran is continuing a campaign of targeting dozens of schools and universities with phishing emails to obtain credentials and then attempt to access and steal intellectual property, according to a new analysis by SecureWorks.

Groups are used to group rape! They do so because groups are autistic!

Nio av tio offer i vår granskning av gruppvåldtäktsdomar mellan 2012 och 2017 mår dåligt lång tid efter händelsen. Litar inte på män, vågar inte vara utomhus själva, har mardrömmar, självskadebeteenden, skolproblem.

En varm junikväll 2008 på en födelsedagsfest i Uppsala drack 15-årig Linnéa en halv liter vodka. Linnéa gick ut med några tjejer för att hämta luft.

Två år efter gruppvåldtäkten tog Linnéa sitt liv. När polisens brev om nerlagd förundersökning damp ner i brevlådan gav hon upp: – Då kände hon att ”ingen tror på mig”, berättar mamman.

Norwegian Shooter Anders Behring Breivik likely had plastic surgery to look more Aryan

"You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway," Kristiansen explained. "Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. He must have had a facelift."

Michael Drobot Scandal

During a criminal investigation, in February 2014, Drobot was charged by the FBI in with orchestrating a wide-ranging conspiracy and with paying illegal kickbacks. As part of the indictment, Drobot was charged with bribing Senator Ron Calderon to preserve California’s spinal pass through law.Senator Calderon was separately indicted by the FBI for accepting bribes and kickbacks from Drobot and others. Drobot signed a plea agreement agreeing to cooperate in the government’s ongoing investigation of Senator Calderon and his brother, Tom Calderon, and also into the healthcare fraud scheme known as Operation Spinal Cap.

One of the most shocking convictions was California State Senator Ron Calderon. Calderon was convicted of accepting bribes in exchange for influencing California lawmakers to keep that lucrative loophole -- the one that allowed for the inflated hardware reimbursements -- open. He was sentenced to 42 months in prison and served less than 2 years. No one has been criminally charged with knowledge of the implantation of counterfeit spinal hardware.

Didier Raoult fraud: “Je ne regrette rien”

Why should he regret anything, the French far-right politicians are all on his side. Didou and his HCQ gang at IHU are untouchable, because it seems it’s not just the fascists in politics, medicine and academia who support them, but likely also the French military. All attempts to draw Raoult to responsibility for his blatantly illegal clinical trials (which even involved children) failed, because this is how France apparently works.


German Anesthesiologist loses 50 more papers in 12 months

Joachim Boldt – German anesthesiologist who faked data relating to the management of critically ill patients

Corruption?Die Digitalpolitikerin Joana Cotar will AfD-Spitzenkandidatin für die Bundestagswahl werden.Corruption?

Digitalpolitische Sprecherin der AfD ist Schwester von Großinvestor des Technologiesektors Die Digitalpolitikerin Joana Cotar will AfD-Spitzenkandidatin für die Bundestagswahl werden. Ihr Bruder macht nach SPIEGEL-Informationen millionenschwere Geschäfte mit Internetfirmen – früher auch mit Kapital aus dem Kreml.

Corruption is a Job Qualification in Today's Sweden

Filippa Reinfeldt har slarvat bort en miljard!

Att det tidigare regionrådet Filippa Reinfeldt som affärsutvecklare på Vectura finns med på ett hörn i uppgörelsen, är uppseendeväckande men visar dessvärre inte på något ovanligt. För just jäv är inget nytt för högerstyret i Stockholm. För två år sedan fastställde en oberoende utredning att finansregionråd Irene Svenonius varit jävig i upphandlingen av Nya Karolinska sjukhuset.

Hur mår du Filippa Reinfeldt? Är du bitter över din skilsmässa Filippa Reinfeldt?

Önskar du döden åt alla Filippa Reinfeldt?

Din son använder droger Filippa Reinfeldt! Your son is the slave of cocaine Filippa Reinfeldt!

Are you wishing everyone to be a slave the way your son is Filippa Reinfeldt?

Corruption in terrorist country Iran

Corruption Is a Job Qualification in Today’s Iran

“Ehe... ehehehehehe... eh-he-he-hee... ahahahahayeee.”

Today, after nearly a decade as South Africa’s leader, Jacob Zuma’s laughter has turned against him. To many in this country it has become a jarring, charmless cliche - the hollow mirth of a man whose presidency is widely blamed for the corruption, misrule and economic stagnation that now afflict a nation. “President Zuma represents a betrayal of the South African dream,” says Sipho Pitanya, a leading critic from within the ANC, the liberation movement that came to power a generation ago after the long struggle against racial apartheid. “Zuma lives up to his middle name. It’s a Zulu name that means, ‘I laugh at you as I destroy you.’ He is brazen and reckless,” says Redi Tlhabi, author of a book about the woman who accused Zuma of rape.

Europe is a joke! Our Planet is a joke!

University bribery in terrorist country Iran!

MP Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of the Iranian parliament’s educational committee, revealed that the state’s widespread corruption has reached universities, where money is exchanged for guaranteed acceptances to medical schools. “There are reports that some of the positions are sold at a price of between 400 and 500 million Iranian riyals (approximately 32 -40 thousand dollars),” Sadeghi said in remarks to the site Tabnak, Saturday.

Germany Rocked By Allegations of Ph.D. Bribes

The scam involved an academic consulting firm in the Cologne suburb of Bergisch Gladbach that allegedly paid bribes to professors in order to help its clients obtain Ph.D.s more quickly.

Resign Sanna Marin!

Sanna Marin is gambling with the health of young people

in Finland! Resign Sanna Marin!

Tinnitus observed from Johnson vaccine.No placebo recipients developed the condition.

In Johnson & Johnson’s (NYSE:JNJ) Phase 3 trial for the Ad26.COV2.S COVID-19 vaccine, six vaccine recipients developed tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

Avoid Johnson vaccine!

Catholic Bishops Recommend Avoiding Johnson & Johnson Shot If Possible, Adding To Worries About COVID Vaccine Misgivings

Jane Fonda!

Jane Fonda speaks well about Greta Thunberg and is a friend of

black lives matter movement!

At the same time she makes advertisment for L'Oreal which is nazi friendly!

Can we trust ppl to be good or are they only good when it is in their own interest?

Ugly Beauty!

Ugly Beauty: Helena Rubinstein, L'Oréal, and the Blemished History of Looking Good Hardcover – February 1, 2011

The same can be said about Sanna Marin!

She is an ugly Beauty! Perfect makeup! Perfect dressed!

But inside she is rotten like hell!

Europe is messy!

The founder of L'Oréal was linked to a Nazi-sympathizing secret society that likely murdered people and set off bombs before and during WWII — here's the full surprising story

More Than A Dozen European Billionaires—Linked To BMW, L’Oréal, Bosch—Have Families With Past Nazi Ties

Resign Sanna Marin!

Sanna Marins husbands firm was supported by business finland while 100s and 100s of businesses go bankrupt in Finland!

Sanna Marin is autistic!

Resign Sanna Marin!

Sanna Marin is autistic! She sabotages smart ppls work! Resign Sanna Marin!

RIP Rosemarie! For those who don't know Rosemarie was the slave of terrorist country Iran

Rosemarie Isopp gestorben

RIP Ebba!

Why do we accept leaders who clearly suffer from Asperger?

This happened because Stefan Löfven has Asperger! Resign Stefan Löfven!

Rekordmånga fall av TBE i fjol – mängden fästingar ökar

Mängden TBE-fall ökade i fjol, det visar statistik från Institutet för hälsa och välfärd (THL). I fjol insjuknade 91 personer i fästingburen hjärninflammation, alltså TBE, och det var det högsta antalet någonsin. Flest fall konstaterades inom Helsingfors och Nylands sjukvårdsdistrikt, 46 fall. I Egentliga Finland registrerades 12 fall. Den största mängden fall i relation till invånarantalet fanns på Åland.

Regionerna i norr kräver ordning på pollenmätningarna

Pollenallergiker i Norrland får inte den service som man får i till exempel Stockholm och Uppsala, där Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet regelbundet mäter och rapporterar pollenhalterna. Skälet är att den person som gjorde mätningarna i norr har gått i pension och inte ersatts, och dessutom är det oklart vem som ska finansiera mätningarna.

Memories of terrorist act 07042017! Never again!

City terminalen is closed! All the shops along major roads leading to Drottninggatan is closed! I myself am around Fridhemsplan and rumour has it that Stockholm town is under terrorist attact. People have no other choices than to walk on streets since no busses or metros are working. Rumour has it that people around metro station Fridhemsplan have heard shots. Around 3 hours people have no idea what to believe and what the truth is.

Until in the evening when it gets clear that a truck had been driving like crazy and killed and wounded ppl on Drottninggatan.

This would have been avoided if they had remotly shut down the truck! Technology would have been able to save Ebbas life!

Terrorist act of 07042017

Ebba died 4 years ago! Terrorist shekarabi killed her! Terrorist shekarabi enables

the entrance of terrorist ppl into Sweden and encourages them to perform terrorist acts!

Ebba, 11, dog i terrorattacken – nu berättar mamman om sorgen

The Brain behind Euro

The brain behind euro Robert Mundell dies in Italy!

Mundell, född 24 oktober 1932 i Kingston, Ontario, död 3 april 2021 i Monteriggioni, Toscana, Italien,var en kanadensisk nationalekonom, som tog sin examen vid University of British Columbia. Han avlade sin doktorstitel vid MIT. Mundell är känd för sitt arbete inom monetär dynamik, Mundell-Fleming-modellen och Mundell-Tobin-effekten. Hans studier av optimala valutaområden bidrog till skapandet av euron. Mundell fick Sveriges Riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne 1999. År 2006 utnämndes han till hedersdoktor vid Islands universitet. (svensk version) (english version)

Greensill scandal

How David Cameron got caught up in a classic lobbying scandal The Greensill Capital affair is the exact type of lobbying row that the ex-PM warned about and vowed to eradicate

Credit Suisse freezes $1 billion of funds as Greensill scandal widens

Bitch woman Annie Lööf!

Asperger Stefan Löfven is PM because bitch woman Annie Lööf allowed him 

to be PM and allowed terrorist shekarabi be part of swedish government!

Our world is dying because all women over 20 are bitches!

Black Sea: A rising tide of illicit business?

At the end of November 2019, the Azeri customs authority made its largest-ever seizure of Afghan-sourced heroin. At 930 kilograms, it was also the largest single seizure of heroin to be made in the Black Sea region, excluding Turkey. The shipment, which had crossed the border from Iran, was destined for Western Europe via Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. Iranian and Azeri organized-crime networks were involved, and very possibly Turkish groups too, who dominate the Balkans route for Afghan opiates.



Jonatan Unge 40-talisterna är en hemsk generation som kan dra åt helvete

Men det är nog pandemin som verkligen fick mig att ändra min syn. Tidigare har man känt att 40-talisterna kommit undan på nåt sätt. Födda som de är efter andra världskriget, under Sveriges ekonomiska guldålder, curlade av välfärdssamhället. När samhället blev hårdare och levnadsvillkoren svårare så tog de bara och gick i pension. Men så kom katastrofen till slut även till dem, med covid-19. Inlåsta i sina hem och med döden ständigt hängande över sig. Och jag tycker de har hanterat det som ena riktiga tuffingar. Framför allt när det kommer till barnbarnen. Herregud, vad de är förtjusta i barnbarnen. Jag har överhört många samtal 40-talister emellan där konsensus varit att man hellre riskerar att dö i covid-19 än att inte få nypa ett barnbarns bulliga kind

Know thy Genes!

In the same way that I encourage everyone to know anatomy I also encourage everyone to know their genes. It is good to do a DNA test when you have not got a child in order to know your gene pool and be able to predict if you can avoid having a child that will suffer and even die because of your genes!

LCHAD-brist och TFP-brist är två medfödda ärftliga ämnesomsättningssjukdomar (metabola sjukdomar) med snarlika symtom, orsakade av nedsatt funktion i olika delar av ett enzym (det mitokondriella trifunktionella proteinet) som behövs för nedbrytning av fettsyror i kroppen. Enzymer är proteiner som påskyndar kemiska reaktioner i kroppen utan att själva förbrukas. Sjukdomarna tillhör gruppen betaoxidationsdefekter, som innebär nedsatt funktion i något av enzymstegen vid nedbrytningen av fettsyror vid energiomvandlingen inuti cellen.

Sjukdomen är mycket allvarlig men sällan livshotande när diagnosen är fastställd och behandlingen har påbörjats. Vid akut insjuknande ges glukos i en blodåder (intravenöst). Detta har två funktioner, dels höjs glukoskoncentrationen i blodet så att hjärnans energibehov tillgodoses, dels frisätts insulin till blodet. Insulinet blockerar fettnedbrytningen så att inlagringen av fett i olika organ bromsas. Efter det akuta skedet består behandlingen av en speciell kost med låg andel fett där det mesta är MCT-fett (medium chain triglycerides). Det innehåller fettsyror med medellånga kedjelängder, som bryts ned av andra enzym än de som är defekta vid sjukdomarna. Barnen får även tillskott av vitaminer, mineraler och essentiella fettsyror. Kostbehandlingen genomförs i samråd med en dietist med god kännedom om metabola sjukdomar hos barn. Tidigt insatt behandling kan fördröja utvecklingen av synnedsättning och neurologiska symtom. Kostbehandlingen har god effekt. Fettinlagringen i levern och hjärtat försvinner och musklerna återfår sin styrka. Eftersom det är viktigt att undvika långa fasteperioder bör tiden mellan måltiderna inte överstiga fyra timmar. För att undvika den höga fettnedbrytningen under nattens fasta, och risken för lågt blodsocker, krävs antingen extra måltider under natten eller kontinuerlig tillförsel av specialnäring. Nästan alla med LCHAD-brist eller TFP-brist får näringstillförsel via PEG (perkutan endoskopisk gastrostomi), så kallad knapp. En PEG är en operativt åstadkommen förbindelse till magsäcken via bukväggen.

Säpo is involved!

South Africa got help from someone in Säpo to murder Palme!

This means someone in Säpo is helping terrorist Shekarabi to be part of swedish government!

No rappakalja!

No rappakalja!

Uppsala University gives lectures on school levels because it has lots of autistic students!

Instead of apologising it feeds smart people with rappakalja!

Disgusting! Erkänn Ida du duger inte som lärare i Sverige!

Hitler woman Angela Merkel is behind stupid autistic Ida! Lets start 3rd world war!

Hey guys know this if you take a course at Uppsala University be sure to insist google survey is defined as result!

If you are smart you will find a university that defines prototype as result!

Shame on stupid idiot Ida who is the slave of hitler woman Angela Merkel!

South africa murdered Palme!

Olof Palmes vän Ulf Sundqvist: Jag har hela tiden utgått ifrån att det var ett professionellt utfört mord som kan ha haft internationella anknytningar

South African Links Top Spy To the Slaying Of Olof Palme

Stupid! Uppsala University is stupid! Uppsala University gave the future queen of sweden anorexia and is behind stupid lecturer who

lecture on school level instead of university level!

Did south Africa kill Olof Palme?

If it turns out that it was south africa who killed Olof Palme then we can say that USA,Italy and monaco are the most stupid countries on earth!

Joe Bidens daughter in law is from south africa! Italy welcomes with open arms south african tosca musk and monacos albert is married to a woman from south africa!

Do you believe our world has a future?

Army MeToo scandal as hundreds of female troops 'raped and abused by colleagues'

Shocking ­allegations include female soldiers;

Forced to have sex with instructors if they wanted to pass their basic training course.

Branded “the slag who cried rape” after an attacker was cleared on a technicality.

Secretly filmed in showers, with the videos then being shared around male colleagues.

Still waiting for a rape complaint to be probed 13 years after it was made.

Message to Fake country Sweden! Nothing in Sweden is sustainable! It is corrupt like hell!

If Sweden had been a real country!

If Sweden had been  a real country they would have seen to it that women and men are paid the same salary for the same work!

Instead of putting energy into equal/gender free pay salary to human beings they are giving salary to terrorist shekarabi who has more an animal way of thinking than normal humans do!

Fake town Turku!

John Eriksson is a terrorist! On the top of his CV is written I am a terrorist!

If  Finland and EU does not pay my salary I will see to it that Turku and Europe is 100% covered with cocaine and heroine!

Fake country Sweden

Fake country Sweden has given a job to terrorist shekarabi from terrorist

country iran! In his CV is written I am a terrorist you do not pay salary to me

I will see to it that Sweden is covered 100% with cocaine and heroine! Those are his qualifications in order to have a job in Sweden!

And all of this was organized by Morari

Morari is a subject of an ironic verse by Dmitrii Bykov "И это все устроила Морарь!" (And all of this was organized by Morari).The poetry deals with the rumours that Morari single-handedly organized 2009 Moldova civil unrest and if she had been allowed into Russia she would have organized a revolution there. The verse is finished by the words: Вы ждете утешительной морали? Мораль проста, хотя и не длинна. Страна, что может рухнуть от Морари, действительно великая страна! You are waiting for a comforting moral? The moral is simple although not that long. The country that can collapse because of Morari, Is certainly a great country!

Andrey Kozlov! RIP!

Kozlov was near the Spartak sports center with his driver, Alexander Semyonov, when they were shot. Semyonov died at the scene and Kozlov died after doctors unsuccessfully performed emergency surgery. The police later found weapons they suspect were used in the attacks: a "handmade pistol and a modified Baikal pistol... in tall grass near the Spartak sports center, 250-300 meters away from the site of the incident, during the investigation of the crime scene

In June 2006, Kozlov flew to Tallinn, spoke with Andres Palumaa, who was in charge of Estonia’s anti-money laundering Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), and gave an ultimatum to Estonia's Chief Financial Officer Raul Malmstein to stop hundreds of billions of rubles, which are being money laundered starting in early 2006 from Russia through Estonia to the West, by closing the Estonian accounts with suspicious activity of two banks in Estonia: SEB Eesti Ühispank and Sampo Pank.

Raiffeisen Zentralbank (Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG) (RZB) in Austria and Diskont Bank in Russia have been accused of money laundering and a criminal investigation began on 8 September 2006. According to the Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 30 June 2006 to 29 August 2006, more than $1.5 billion transited the Solange LLC and Saturn-M LLC accounts at Diskont Bank to RZB accounts in Austria. On 31 August 2006, Andrey Kozlov revoked Diskont's license. Just five days after the criminal investigation into money laundering was opened, Kozlov was murdered.A very large amount of money had transited accounts with funds from the Nord Stream project to finance the building of a pipeline from Vyborg, Russia, to Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany. According to Natalia Morar's 21 May 2007 article in The New Times, Alexander Bortnikov, who was an FSB deputy deputy director as head of its economic security department, and Vladimir Putin were money laundering Nord Stream funds at both Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB) in Austria and Diskont Bank in Russia

Born an idiot! Died an idiot!

On the gravestone of Sanna Marin you can write, born an idiot from a lesbian bitch Mama and died an idiot because of a lesbian bitch Mama!

In between she became the PM of Finland and promoted the use of Cocaine and Heroine in Nordic countries! Sanna Marin is disgusting!

Is Finnlines owned by Grimaldi groups helping italian mafia?

We all know that Swedish and Finnish government consists of Stupid idiot people!

Italian mafia will use Finnlines new plans to smuggle drugs between russia,sweden and Finland!

We already have very bad control over drug transport with Vikingline and Siljaline!

We need to design a system that prevents Finnlines to transport drugs!


Do you believe Europe has a future?

German president and Merkel ally resigns in corruption scandal.

Ally of Angela Merkel had been under increasing pressure over home loan and apparent attempt to block report in tabloid.

German President Wulff quits over corruption claims

Mark Hauptmann: Third conservative politician in Germany resigns over corruption allegations


Zuckerberg and Musk are autistic!

Melissa S Schilling is praising Elon Musk without understanding that Elon Musk

is autistic! Melissa thinks that Elon is to be admired because he did something that all the academic world said they have tried to do for decades!

However Melissa seems not to realise that Elon succeeded because he is autistic! He FORCED his idea into the world.

If Elon was intelligent he would realise we need to save planet earth put energy into that, instead he FORCES his autistic brain to do crazy stuff and do all that rocket stuff!

Zuckerberg has FORCED his autistic facebook idea into the world, facebook that promotes pedofiles and fraud! An intelligent person realises that every continent needs its own platform, by doing so you minimise pedofili risk and fraud risk!

Zuckerberg and Musk are walking disasters who had contact with sicko sadistic Jeff Epstein!

Combination of autism/asperger is a total Disaster!

Combination of autism/asperger is a total Disaster!

The only reason why Greta Thunberg can force her autistic/asperger sick brain

into the world is because she is backed up by huge amount of money!

These autistic ppl who are from super rich families are everywhere in the university world age 20 to 100 and they are total disaster!

Autistic/asperger ppl have defect brain, this defect makes them FORCE their ideas into ppl!

An intelligent person always says maybe an autistic person always FORCES, that is why autistic ppl rape because they FORCE ppl into their ideas or they FORCE ppl in having sex or taking drugs etc!

Stupid Sweden!

A student at Borås University who had copied his/her own answer in discussion

into home exam was given critic for self plagiat, however it is totally ok for Lecturer

to self plagiat their own lectures from year to year with only some minor changes!

Sweden is the country of stupid people!

Super rich and super bad!

Poju is the richest man in Finland and with roots in Poland! Poland has

 used him to do lots of shit in Sweden and Finland! This man boast

with Art in London but that art is worth shit because poju is pure polish mafia!

Israel Police Reportedly Investigating Netanyahu's Ties to Billionaire Poju Zabludowicz

Bribery is part of iranian people!

Uber CEO is under bribery investigation!

These people are born based on bribery! Their dad has bribed their

father in law in order to be able to marry their Mama!

Uber reveals cover-up of hack affecting 57M riders, drivers

Cocaine country Turkey!

Turkey has become an emerging route for 

cocaine trafficking under Erdoğan rule!

Ibrahim Baylan is autistisk!

Skolminister Ibrahim Baylan fick sin plats i SSU:s förbundsstyrelse genom valfusk.

Svenska Dagbladet avslöjar i dag att höstens nyrekrytering Ibrahim Baylan lurat sig till sin plats i SSU:s förbundsstyrelse. Baylan blev ordförande för SSU-kretsen i Umeå 1997.

Shekarabi is a terrorist

I developed my micro-RNA idea during 2017 and had a conference based on it!

People from terrorist country iran, turkish speaking people and arabs and polish ppl

sabotaged all that hard work and they got help from my danish mafia professor! The same mafia danish professor that Karolinska denies to exist!

Because that danish mafia professor was given a young wife from NY-region as reward for all the shit he did at Karolinska!

Sanna Marin is a bitch!

Sanna Marin is a bitch! She is personally responsible for the shit maria01

did to me last year! She let Pfizer develope my micro-RNA idea and she was backed for this by bitch woman Angela Merkel!

Sanna Marin is a bitch because her Mama is lesbian and she was harrassed for that

as a child!

Autistic Swedish politicians!

Sweden loves to humiliate women! They have made such big scandal over Mona Sahlin 

buying Toblerone with government money, while they never mention the stupid male politicians who got involved with polish prostitues!

Thirty years on from a major sex scandal involving Sweden's then justice minister, two women employed at the time as underage prostitutes have each demanded one million kronor ($150,000) in compensation from the state.

Säpo var intresserat eftersom flera polska kvinnor, som hade kontakt med polska ambassaden, arbetade på bordellen.

Säpo är dock ej nu intresserad av minister shekarabi som är från terrorist landet iran!

Säpo har asperger!

Haveriet i grundlagsutskottet är regeringens hittills största misslyckande under epidemin.

Analys: Regeringen fick hybris – nu står man utan verktyg om epidemin spårar ur

Towards politician free Society!

Fler kommunchefer slutar efter bråk med politiker!

Vi är ej i behov av politiker! Vi behöver däremot Kommunchefer!

Swedish school is a mess because swedish politicians suffer from asperger and autism!

Swedish universities rape!

They rape because everyone in the swedish school system is raped!

The future queen of Sweden must have been emotionally raped in school and at Uppsala University because she got anorexia!

After anorexia she went to foreign universities because swedish universities rape!

Swedish women are raped and they are rapist!

Rape free education!

Since the education system in the world does nothing but rape,

we are creating rape free education packages that actually educate and develope 

human beings! They do not rape and inslave humans!

Brister i tryggheten – i var tredje svensk skola

Caotic schools gives you bitch women! Women in Sweden and Finland are pure disasters! Blame it on caotic schools that gives you bitch women!

Kaoset i skolan ökar risken för brott! Caos gives you bitches!


Swedish schools are total caos! This means that university courses are not university

courses they are school courses given again due to violence in schools!

Rebecca was raped!

Queen of gospel music Rebecca wanted to kill herself because she was raped!

Maya was raped

Maya Angelou born Marguerite Annie Johnson; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014 was an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.

At the age of eight, while living with her mother, Angelou was sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend, a man named Freeman. She told her brother, who told the rest of their family. Freeman was found guilty but was jailed for only one day. Four days after his release, he was murdered, probably by Angelou's uncles

Olivia was raped!

Former Miss USA Olivia Jordan reveals she was molested, raped

Amanda was raped!

Amanda Peterson's parents reveal late Can't Buy Me Love star was raped at age 15

Ida was raped!

Ida Carmelitta or Farheen Ida Carmelitta Laila Figerardo was a minority Sri Lankan Tamil woman who was gang raped and killed on 12 July 1999 and became a cause célèbre of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Emma was raped! Columbia University rape controversy

In April 2013, Emma Sulkowicz, an American fourth-year visual arts major at Columbia University in New York City, filed a complaint with Columbia University requesting expulsion of fellow fourth-year student and German national, Paul Nungesser, alleging he had raped Sulkowicz in Sulkowicz's dorm room on August 27, 2012. Nungesser was found not responsible by a university inquiry.

Future Prediction

In my opinion our world is dead in 20 years from now

based on the fact that the quality of current students in the universities are purely crap!

Current university students are more under developed than those that attended universities in the 1960s!

So guys keep lying! Keep being corrupt! Our world is dead in 20 years from now!

Mark Zuckerberg is a disaster

Mark Zuckerberg is pedofile friendly and the enemy of humanity!

Over 300 cases of child exploitation went unnoticed by Facebook – study

Facebook encryption will create ‘hidden space’ for paedophiles to abuse children, National Crime Agency warns

Dead country Italy!

 Say ciao! Ciao! To dead country italy!

Italy continues like this they will end up having civil war!

How does mafia affect the Italian economy? A brief introduction

How the Mafia infiltrated Italy’s hospitals and laundered the profits globally

Italian mafia tightens grip on small businesses during lockdown

In the five regions south of Rome, plus two islands, the economic situation was already worrying even before the virus came, with unemployment rates hitting 17 percent and as high as 50 percent for youth—compared with 27 percent youth unemployment nationwide and under 10 percent general unemployment (with unemployment in the north hitting just 6 percent).

Bitch University!

Change the name of Uppsala University to Bitch University! People who work at Uppsala University are all bitches! High up on their CV should be written qualified bitch who was sexually harrassed and raped as teenager!

Tyska horungarna från Hitler Tyskland som mobbades ihjäl under barndomen är 1990-2000-21010 och 2020-talets bitchar som jobbar på Uppsala Universitet!

Pedofili är världens problem! I muslimska länder våldtas tjejer av pedofila fadern! I västvärlden våldtas tjejer av samhället! Resultatet är att folk över 20 är bitchar!

The basic problem is pedofili! You do not solve the basic problem defined pedofili you will never build up anything sustainable because it will be damaged by bitches who are the victim of pedofiles!

Dreamland! A place that is free from corruption!

Wie Aberglaublich ist Deutschland?

Have you guys been in Germany?

Are you guys aware of how backwards these ppl are?

These are ppl who believe you should throw salt over your shoulders! If you take a walk around in Bavarian nature you can see signs with all kinds of

"aberglaubliche sprechwörte"! A nation like this wants to lead Europe and they are still wondering why we have vaccine caos!

The neuroscience definition of Aberglaublich is placebo! You believe in all that mumble jumble your brain goes in placebo effect not reality!

Odd definition of Fair!

Ursula van der Leyen is demanding fair vaccine but she does not demand a fair society for german citizens in Germany!

Ursula van der Leyen neglects basics and thinks she can solve emergencies!

The reason why emergencies get caotic is because the society lacks basic stuff!

If Germany as a society was based on fairness we would not have vaccine caos today!

Nothing in Europe is fair and you can blame Germany for this!

If USA had been smart

If USA had been smart they would have put Dennis Miletis face on TV instead of Anthony Fauci!

Dennis Mileti would have told the world how one handles a disaster by design!

Instead they gave us Anthony Fauci who only makes promotion for big pharma and pharma!


Corruption is the enemy of humanity! Professors in Turku in Finland are super corrupt.

One professor in Biophysics has got millions and millions and millins from EU with the help of mafia italy, terrorist country iran and mafia poland!


Microscopy is the source of huge tragedy in Sweden and Finland. Micrscopes are not cheap! Those Professors that got money to buy Micrscopes made the life of all those who used it like hell!

Karolinska Institute with its Nobel Committee supports an old old woman born 1936 who is yet working at Karolinska although that woman has war with the world over microscopes!

Åbo Academy is purely built on corruption and believe it or not the reason for it is drugs! A professor in biochemistry had a daughter with drug problems! No one can do anything about drugs in Turku! So that Professor went to Uppsala to save his daughter from drugs! The new professor in Biochemistry became a professor with the help of irish mafia! They had an irish postdoc researcher working at åbo academy recieving unemployment money from finnish government! In other words we have unlegal professors in Turku who get help from irish,italian,polish and iranian mafia!

It is also essential for young people in Sweden and Finland to know that China created Huawei with the help of corruption! Huaweis strong card is its Leica camera! Leica also produces microscopes that stupid professors in Sweden and Finland have war over!

In other words "China" "blackmailed" sweden and finland to be given Leica technology and they did this with the help of terrorist country iran who directly is responsible for Nokia and Ericsson being a mess!

Corruption is built into Europe! The new PM is the proof of the fact that corruption is part of Europe

Monti and Draghi under fire in Italian bank scandal

In what way does Sanna Marin believe she is qualified to be PM of Finland? She gew up  in a malfunctioning family! Her mother is lesbian, she lied got pregnant dumped the sperm donor and Sanna Marin grew up in a malfunctioning family that hates men!

In what way does Stefan Löfven believe he has the ability to be PM of Sweden? He was abondened by birth mother! Grew up and was abused, has no idea what a family is! Yet he believes he has the ability to be a PM!

Funktionsrätt Gävle: Nästan ingen uppfyller kraven för sjukersättning!

Those who propagate to force people to wear mask, probably grew up in a family that forced them to do stuff! We always have to give people possibility of choices, those who do not want to wear a mask should be offered the possibility not to do so, even if it means we devide society into 2 categories, those who want to wear mask go here and those who do not want to wear a mask go there!

For instance if you want to shop without a mask you should be offered the possibility not to wear a mask when you shop.Förslagsvis alla som inte vill ha mask kan shoppa mellan 7-8 på morgonen!

In many islamic countries women are forced to wear a scarf! They are not offered the choice to choose if they want to wear a scarf or not! Forcing is against human values!

Many of the big companies in the world were Hitler friendly! For instance Bauhaus and Mercedes Benz both contributed to Hitlers crimes! Coca-Cola was active in Hitler germany and developed Fanta there! Fiat was Mussolini friendly and provided him with cars! Is it morally correct to let these companies to continue and boast with themselves and their old roots?

Is life worth living? Life quality is low because we are terrorised by mafia.Unless we find a solution for mafia life on earth will not be worth living!

I was terrorised by my danish supervisor during my whole postdoc! He did so because he belongs to mafia. Karolinska Institute and Nobel Committee found no solution for Danish mafia so they  simply denied he exists!

Åbo Academy and its professor in cell biology is directly responsible for 3rd world war among academic people in scandinavia! People at Åbo Academy are all autistic and want war and blood!

When I was doing my PhD I took a PhD course and the guy who had it almost had 3rd world war with me, I never understood why until I met the guy a couple of years ago

and he said he has a wife in Turku! Apparently he had 3rd world war with me by orders from the cell biology professor in Turku and for that he was rewarded with a wife! I know it sounds like stone age mentality but that is how professors at Åbo Academy are! They do not live in present time they live the way neanderthals lived!

If Italy was smart they would get rid of Luigi di Maio! That man has done nothing but shit! He has even publicly humiliated his own father!

Corona pandemi is not a real problem in Sweden! The real problem in Sweden is that Swedish girls are sexually harrassed as teenagers so they become a monster and bitch in their 20s and as adults! Best example for this is Sanna Marin and Ursula van der Leyen! They both most have been sexually harrassed as teenagers in order to be a bitch as an adult!

Hell on earth! Europe is hell on earth! It is hell on earth because teenage girls are sexually harrassed in Europe! Zoom meeting minimizes sexual harrassement! Once we are back to normal ppl can sexually harrass and rape as much as they want and probably much more than before! Our planet is hell on earth because they sexually harrass teenage girls! No one put a stop to sicko Jeff Epstein and that man was the top of the iceberg! 

There is no difference between Margareth Thacher and Ursula van der Leyen! Margareth was a bitch the same way that Ursula is a bitch! Ursula continues like this she will die from alzheimer the same way that Margareth did! Or Angela Merkel! Angela is named angel but she is the angel of bitchness and corruption not angel of goodness and pure soul!

Why so happy over johnson vaccine? It was developed with the help of cells from aborted fetus! During my PhD thesis no one discussed the dilemma and moral issue about this however catholic priest have a point that no human being should be sacrified to develop a drug and we all know the shit that johnson has done! They gave us baby powder that had asbestos and gave women cancer!

Wake up now

A quarter-century ago geographer Gilbert F. White and sociologist J. Eugene Haas published a pioneer report on the nation’s ability to withstand and respond to natural disasters. At that time, research on disasters was dominated by physical scientists and engineers. As White and Haas pointed out in their Assessment of Research on Natural Hazards, little attempt had been made to tap the social sciences to better understand the economic, social, and political ramifications of extreme natural events.

Fostering Local Sustainability Sustainability means that a locality can tolerate—and overcome— damage, diminished productivity, and reduced quality of life from an extreme event without significant outside assistance. To achieve sustainability, communities must take responsibility for choosing where and how development proceeds.

Brasilien håller på att knäa under covid-19

När coronakrisen nådde Brasilien i fjol blev ett nödbistånd räddningen för omkring 67 miljoner låginkomsttagare. I december 2020 avslutades programmet. Nu står miljontals familjer på gränsen till utslagning. Samtidigt kommer rapporter om att sjukvården i de flesta större städer i landet är nära kollaps.

ROME (AP) — An author of a withdrawn World Health Organization report into Italy's coronavirus response warned his bosses in May that people could die and the U.N. agency could suffer “catastrophic” reputational damage if it allowed political concerns to suppress the document, according to emails seen by The Associated Press. The comprehensive report examined how the Italian government and health system reacted after the country became the epicenter of the European outbreak in late February. , with real-time data and case studies of what worked and what didn’t. It was aimed at helping other countries prepare as the virus spread globally, but it hit a sensitive nerve among Italian officials because it noted that Italy went into the crisis with an out-of-date pandemic plan.

30 day challenge! We read and design the way Dennis told us to do! If we don't The result is that ppl die!

Check back on 22042021 and see our suggestion!

Disasters by Design

Former director of CU Boulder’s Natural Hazards Center was two days away from receiving first vaccine for COVID-19 Dennis Mileti, a world-renowned expert on disaster communication, professor emeritus of sociology and former director of the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, has died.

Mileti succumbed to complications from COVID-19 on Jan. 31, 2021, two days before he was scheduled to get his first vaccine. He was 75. Mileti was leader in the field of hazards and disaster research and gained national prominence with the publication of Disasters by Design, a comprehensive assessment of natural-hazards research that established a framework for sustainable hazard mitigation in the United States. Dennis Mileti At the top of the page: A Covid-19 memorial is lighted at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on January 19, 2021. Above: Dennis Mileti Mileti was also an expert on risk communication. He advocated for creating messages and warnings that encouraged people to prepare for and respond appropriately to disaster risks. He argued that translating this research into action could save lives. His words were prophetic. In an interview published in March 2020 in The Washington Post, Mileti warned of the consequences of fuzzy public warnings, inconsistent messages and outright falsehoods: “This might be the largest public information mess I’ve ever witnessed,” he said then, adding: “It just breaks my heart. We know how to do emergency planning better than anyone on Earth, and it’s not there.” In another excerpt from that interview, Mileti said: “We have people saying, ‘It (the pandemic) will be over soon!’ and other people saying, ‘It could be months.’ … That gives the public the ability to pick the answer they like, which is the No. 1 no-no in public messaging.”


USA has a National flood insurance program

However the program was not designed for hurricane challenges such as hurricane katharina. In order for it to make sense it has to be redesigned to meet todays challenges of flood and hurricanes

A globally accepted, operationalized definition of sustainability has yet to be offered. At this point it is more a philosophical perspective than a scientific concept. Some of the questions that it asks are: What kind of lifestyle do people want and need? How should people live now so that future generations are not penalized? How many future generations should be taken into account? What is essential for an acceptable quality of life? At what point should growth be limited? What risks are people willing to take in their interactions with the environment? Under what circumstances should prevention be chosen versus permissible risk? What, precisely, should be sustained and for whom? Who, or what, will monitor and manage continued sustainability and in whose interest? How can varied sectors such as government and business work together to define common interests?


Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA’s vision is that of a national public that knows what to do before, during, and after a disaster to protect people, their families, homes, and businesses; structures located out of harm’s way; government and private organizations with plans, resources, and training for disaster response; and community plans for recovery and reconstruction after a disaster. FEMA is committed to an integrated and sustainable approach to hazards.

Pro bono for Africa

Many people in Europe claim they want to collaborate and help Africa.

In best cases it is a win-win situation. Everything here that we design for europe will be designed so its a 100% win for africa.


Check back and see us knowing that we are 100% pro-africa!;) Europe is a sad story, we will make sure our tools will active ppl from inside africa!;)

Check out our coffee talk on 12th of december and you will understand our phylosophy.

Once again I want to emphasize that europe is a sad story, nothing in europe has been based upon real knowledge or education everything has been based upon I told you so!

We are not designing stuff based on I told you so we are designing stuff upon the fact that africa is the head and they can use us in europe as a tool for help in case they feel this is needed.

on 13th of december I will tell you guys the frightening story of how Uppsala University was promoting the white race to be the superior race! This is a problem that has not vanished! People in africa should know that all current universities in europe educate as if they are a superior race which means that no collaboration from europe with africa is ever based on real humanity and real equality!

On 19th and 20th of december we will tell you how middle east designed its education as if it is a superior race towards the rest of the world

the idea of a superior race

How superior race mentality can lead to fiction!

body disection and how middle east uses it as a superior race tool


How Neanderthals got their name!

the mystery of cancer

Cytokine storm

Virus, are they part of our genes?

case study prozac



You can soon find more stuff at

Here I will provide you the information about real knowledge and real intelligence

A good starting point are these lectures

RIP Patrick!

A good talk from james watson about DNA and the brain

Check out Lumi

Check out Seymour Cray

Check out Gladys West and her Story about GPS

kolla! Smyckestillverkande neanderthalare

Coffee hour discussions

Every saturday at 13 CET

or watch it afterwards at the youtube channel of finlandiabiosciences

The talk scedualed for 14th will be done on 15th its integrated with the neuroscience part, with the headline virus on the brain!;) Will be fun for all those who love to combine stuff!;)

on 21.11.2020 the first part of the talk will be about how scandal drugs where made, we will start with Pfizer who has been involved in real big scandals.The second part of the talk will be about future cities

on 28.11.2020 the first part of the talk will be about the finnish model and what it is all about, the second part of the talk will be about finnish smart cities

On sundays at 13 CET we will start our coffee hour about how the brain is built

on 15.11.2020 our first talk will be about Brain anatomy, the skull

on sundays we will also give a short talk about those who have made an impact in finnish science society and can be described as real scientists we can start with the story of Linus Torvalds

On december 26th and 27th we will tell you all the wrong stuff norway is doing and how it in many ways cannot be defined as nordic or scandinavian since it is not really following the common good rules of nordic countries

31st of december will be a wrap up of year 2020

PS.One nice suggesting to everyone working from home.Many are using candles to get better air quality inside appartments however bought candles are mostly not natural one easy solution is to save your coffee packages after they get empty. They make inside air fresh and nice!;)

Virus on the brain svensk version

Använd hörlur när du lyssnar!;)

Finlandia Lectures

Happy New Year! 2021 is the year that we will start our Finlandia Lectures. On 16th of january you will know more about Helsinki in the 1800-1900 and on 17th of january you will know more about Helsinki in 1900-2000.

Valborg is soon here! Glada Vappen 2021!

Mer info snart!;)

CEO, Product designer and idea designer

Maria Lindqvist, PhD  in pediatrics from Karolinska Institute

postdoctoral studies in cancer and rare diseases from Karolinska Institute

Now obtaining a degree in sustainable leadership from Uppsala University

Towards New Solutions

A recorded version will be published on 27th of november

We aim to identify biomarkers for diagnose and prognose of disease! Your body is yours get to know it get to love it


Hållbara Lösningar

Anatomi som baskunskap

repetition är kunskapens moder

Adopted from Shtilvelman E et al., 2014

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Lets get smart and design our own life

At Finlandiabiosciences we are seeking digital solutions that help improve the quality of our daily life. Our goal is to give you a better daily life with the help of innovative ideas.

Work and education for everyone

Work in progress with launch plans in june 2021 is to provide work and education for everyone under 30 start country for application is Finland

Meaningful life for people over 60

 Work in progress with launch plan in august 2021 start country is Finland