Vi skapar visioner! Vi tror på Uppsala Universitet sedan 1477!

Utbildningssystemet i Sverige och Finland baseras på lögner! Mina MOOC kurser kommer att bevisa detta!

New Science Magazine both for basic stuff as well as on research level!

New Science Magazine

Police in Sweden are a total disaster! They lack real education! We aim to change this!

We aim to create real well being based on real science contrary to current psycology that is highly infected by corruption!

Dedicated to Indigenous people in USA! USA for those who love USA for real! Love its waterfalls and trees!

Dedicated to my grandma 100 years old 09052022 and the inspiration behind my Big Science Finland

We are planet Football!

From Italy with love! Molto Bello!

We dream the dream of a good life! Free from manipulation! We do it ourselves and we have fun!

We are free from Mafia! How about you?

Fortum/Uniper among Europe's worst polluters, say NGOs

Current CEO of Nokia bad boy Pekka is the guy who bought uniper!

Most ppl in Finland have sold their souls for a position

RIP Pekka!     RIP PER!     RIP Sweden!   RIP Finland!

Men who function the way Pekka does live by the motto


The Economic Impacts of Open Science: A Rapid Evidence Assessment

A common motivation for increasing open access to research findings and data is the potential to create economic benefits—but evidence is patchy and diverse. This study systematically reviewed the evidence on what kinds of economic impacts (positive and negative) open science can have, how these comes about, and how benefits could be maximized. Use of open science outputs often leaves no obvious trace, so most evidence of impacts is based on interviews, surveys, inference based on existing costs, and modelling approaches

There is indicative evidence that open access to findings/data can lead to savings in access costs, labour costs and transaction costs.

Challenging Giulio Berruti! Get real! Shannen needs tailor made therapy designed for 50 year old, stage IV breast cancer! You should aslo be able to test breastcancer vaccin it ain't that hard you just need to brain storm and do open innovation

Olika testresultat trots samma data och hypotes

Även när forskare använder samma data och hypoteser får de olika resultat på grund av analysvalen de gör. Det visar en studie som belyser behovet av mer transparens.

Mon->Sun! Happy Days!

Happy Days!

case study prozac

Anatomi som baskunskap

Adopted from Shtilvelman E et al., 2014

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Lets get smart and design our own life

At Finlandiabiosciences we are seeking digital solutions that help improve the quality of our daily life. Our goal is to give you a better daily life with the help of innovative ideas.

Work and education for everyone

Work in progress with launch plans in june 2021 is to provide work and education for everyone under 30 start country for application is Finland

Meaningful life for people over 60

 Work in progress with launch plan in august 2021 start country is Finland