Apartheid mentality has given us the problem known as Palm Oil! Let us find a solution!

Låt oss samarbeta med Island! De har vulkanvärme i överflöd!

Finland for those who love Finland for real! Love its Lakes and trees!

Join us on 30072022 and we will talk about local and global greenwashing!

Dedicated to Indigenous people in USA! USA for those who love USA for real! Love its waterfalls and trees!

Dedicated to my grandma 100 years old 09052022 and the inspiration behind my Big Science Finland

We are planet Football!

From Italy with love! Molto Bello!


We dream the dream of a good life! Free from manipulation! We do it ourselves and we have fun!

Europe is close to war with russia because Ursula lacks sustainable management and she is the reason why no good Roberta Metsola from cocaine country Malta has been elected! Disaster!

Good News! Testkit omisure detects omicron

The newly approved Omisure test kit to detect the Omicron variant of Covid-19 will be available in the market from January 12. The government is looking to use it as a tool in reducing genome sequencing load.

Read more at: 




Europe claims they respect women they claim they respect teenagers yet they are not protecting them.We have teenage pregnancy we have all sort of sexual diseases because instead of educating youngsters they are promoting teenage sex! Pillar of shame to Europe!


Did you know handsanitizers contain PFAS?

Handsanitizers contain PFAS make your own PFAS-free handsanitizers!

PFAS are poison and higher your chance for cancer and diabetes-1 among others!

Uneducated Li Andersson is sending children to schools without making sure everyone has access to PFAS-free handsanitizers!

Pillar of shame to uneducated Li Andersson and Finland!

The life of young people is being wasted! The future of Europe is being wasted! Pillar of shame to Ursula!

90% of stuff done in EU are of no real value and use because they are not sustainable!Pillar of shame to EU,Switzerland and south america! You are all corrupt!

Du kan bara lita på dig själv! Folk i Europa är skurkar och tjuvar!Allt som du hör i Europa är lögner pga folk i Europa är skurkar och tjuvar!

Big warning about Geant! https://www.geant.org/ These ppl are dishonest and want to dominate and steal others hard work!

Happy New Year 2022

Big warning about photo and video sharing platform Flickr!

I have 2 times created account at Flickr and twice my stuff just disappeared! In other words they STOLE my design and stuff without saying anything in advance just cancelled my account!

We hereby want to warn all HONEST ppl about flickr! They not only steal your stuff they also lie!


Flickr is owned by dishonest ppl!

Check out sustainable rome! https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/66081652/publikationmariasustainablerome

Lögnare! Magdalena Andersson är en lögnare! Hon är maktmissbrukare! Avgå Magdalena Andersson!

We know vaccines! How about you? They have used ALC-0315 that is for research purpose only as adjuvant! It is not to be injected into humans!

We are free from Mafia! How about you?

Corona Management! Here we show you why we have started corona management magazine

Corona Management! We do it free from mafia! How about you guys? Do you know what it means to live a mafia free life?

Fortum/Uniper among Europe's worst polluters, say NGOs

Current CEO of Nokia bad boy Pekka is the guy who bought uniper!

Most ppl in Finland have sold their souls for a position

RIP Pekka!     RIP PER!     RIP Sweden!   RIP Finland!

Men who function the way Pekka does live by the motto




Petra App

In order to honour Petras soul I will make the Petra App!

Let's unite and celebrate Petras amazing soul!

Petra left us autumn 2017! I am making Petra App to make

Petras hometown Uppsala shine!;)


What is your problem Sami? Are you finnish speaker and lack identity Sami? Sami in Pekkas labb sold his soul for a position! Mafia country Italy and mafia country Iran owns Sami's pathetic soul! Sami is pure garbage!Finland is no better! Pekka imported a mafia girl directly from mafia country Iran and that girl did nothing but was a HUGE mafia by direct orders from MAFIA COUNTRY IRAN!The girl to the right of this picture has a name! Her name is Petra! Petra died because stupid sweden made civil war over lilla essingen! Anyone who believes Sweden is a real country should be declared crazy!

The Economic Impacts of Open Science: A Rapid Evidence Assessment

A common motivation for increasing open access to research findings and data is the potential to create economic benefits—but evidence is patchy and diverse. This study systematically reviewed the evidence on what kinds of economic impacts (positive and negative) open science can have, how these comes about, and how benefits could be maximized. Use of open science outputs often leaves no obvious trace, so most evidence of impacts is based on interviews, surveys, inference based on existing costs, and modelling approaches

There is indicative evidence that open access to findings/data can lead to savings in access costs, labour costs and transaction costs.



Ny läcka: Politiker gömmer tillgångar i skatteparadis

UPPDRAG GRANSKNING · Stats- och regeringschefer, kungligheter, statstjänstemän, kriminella, välkända artister och sportstjärnor.

I den nya Pandoraläckan avslöjas hur rika och mäktiga gömmer sina tillgångar i skatteparadis.

Bland andra Tjeckiens premiärminister och kungen av Jordanien.


Money from ‘world’s biggest bribe scandal’ invested in UK property

They are the British-Iranian family behind what has been called the “world’s biggest bribe scandal”. For 17 years, Cyrus Ahsani and his brother Saman Ahsani worked as fixers for multinationals such as Rolls-Royce, bribing officials in Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya and Syria.

Now the Guardian has seen leaked documents that suggest how proceeds made from the family’s firm, Unaoil, were laundered through an intricate chain of offshore companies that secretly helped fund the acquisition of a string of UK properties.



Challenging Giulio Berruti! Celebrating Dante who is a man is easy! Celebrating a female italian doctor from 11th century whose hard work is denied by italian men will be almost impossible!

Ta fast tjuven! 9 kvinnor vars arbeten förnekades av män och stals av män!

8. Trotula of Salerno: Women’s Health Findings

Trotula of Salerno is one of the earliest victims of historiographical misogyny.

An Italian doctor in the eleventh century who wrote specifically about women’s health, she has been recognized as “the world’s first gynecologist.”

Her writings have remained instrumental building blocks in our knowledge about human health, and women’s health specifically. And yet, her authorship had been cast into doubt over the ensuing centuries, entirely because historians and medical professionals were skeptical that a woman could have produced works of such accuracy or importance.

That’s a messed up assumption, but so ingrained was this belief that many even doubted that Trotula of Salerno existed. This convenient doubt ultimately allowed numerous male physicians over subsequent years to cut and paste their own names over her work.



Ta Fast tjuven! Start Mars 2022

In Finland and Sweden everything is fake because everyone is aspergic and does not

want to use their own brains so they take stuff since their own brain lacks ability to create stuff.

Hållbar samhälle Mars 2022 vi tar fast tjuven!

In Finland we say our ground has been stable for 250 million years! But that is not enough! Nuclear waste needs a stability of a billion year!We got corona because the virus leaked from a lab in China! Europe will be dead because the leak of nuclear waste!

Have we learned anything in the five years since the Panama Papers? Research in Turku has been based on corruption generation after generation! 1982 we had corruption of Nobility! 1992 we had corruption of finnish speakers! 2002 we had corruption from muslim country Iran! 2012 we had corruption from russia and jewish mafia! Guess who is the big bad boy of 2022? Africa,France,Spain,Greece and Italy!



Challenging Giulio Berruti! Get real! Shannen needs tailor made therapy designed for 50 year old, stage IV breast cancer! You should aslo be able to test breastcancer vaccin it ain't that hard you just need to brain storm and do open innovation

Contro Draghi! Mario Draghi e un grande disastro!

We are creating first aid links in order to save the world from aspergic corrupt ppl!Educate children in schools about nuclear waste! The ugly truth about Russia and USA! Russia and USA are ugly ugly nuclear powers! Followed by ugly nuclear waste power land France!

Write me the song, no aspergic politicians! no dumping nuclear waste!

Hello world how are you doing?

Are you slave of arpergic putin and aspergic mario draghi?

How are you doing?

Is Aspergic Putin and aspergic mario draghi killing you with nuclear waste?

How are you doing?

Greta was caught lying because she is aspergic and fake! A huge clown!

We want the mafia out of this university! You believe any university on earth is free from mafia! I have visited tons of universities and they are all more or less infected with mafia!

Spain's Degree Scandals

Accusations of academic malpractice have forced two resignations and reached the prime minister. By David Matthews for Times Higher Education September 28, 2018

Even in a country used to academic fraud scandals, the past few months in Spain have been remarkable -- it would almost be easier to list the Spanish politicians who don’t have questions hanging over their degrees. Spanish newspapers have been full of fevered discussion about what level of coincidence on Turnitin constitutes plagiarism. Students have taken to the streets to demand an end to corruption on campus, chanting, “We want the mafia out of this university.”




Why many stay in universities? Because if you suffer from Asperger and Autism your brain lacks the ability to understand mafia is bad!

Asperger and autistic ppl are the reason why we have mafia infecting our universities!


Äckliga, äckliga Li Andersson! Hon fungerar som en hyena!


Avgå Li Andersson! Finlands regering bör avgå!


Li Anderssons farsa är en stor mafia boss inom kultur i Åbo!

Everything Li Andersson does is based on her daddy's corruption!

Naturskyddsföreningen ska överklaga Cementa

Läs mer: Vattenproblemet är grunden till cementkrisen: ”Har räknat fel”



Olika testresultat trots samma data och hypotes

Även när forskare använder samma data och hypoteser får de olika resultat på grund av analysvalen de gör. Det visar en studie som belyser behovet av mer transparens.


Sweden is a dead country year 2030!


The creator of GIT is from Finland!

We cure everything with GIT

Ugly, ugly Vagina! Desperate old 40 year old women have very ugly Vagina!

You want to have a designer vagina!

Start late with sex and keep yourself with 1 vagina lover!

Data shows todays 40 year old women have had sooo many penises inside

their vaginas, the hole inside their vagina is huge like grand canyon!

In average a 40 year old woman has had 50 penises inside her! It is a total disaster!

It is ugly as the hole in ozone!

Mon->Sun! Happy Days!

Happy Days!

Fake ppl! Fake Lives! Bitter! Bitter! Italian women are bitter! They know they lack identity since they are owned by Mafia! They are bitter! Bitter!

Sanna Marin is autistic! She sabotages smart ppls work! Resign Sanna Marin!

Virus, are they part of our genes?

case study prozac

We aim to identify biomarkers for diagnose and prognose of disease! Your body is yours get to know it get to love it




Anatomi som baskunskap

Adopted from Shtilvelman E et al., 2014

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Lets get smart and design our own life

At Finlandiabiosciences we are seeking digital solutions that help improve the quality of our daily life. Our goal is to give you a better daily life with the help of innovative ideas.

Work and education for everyone

Work in progress with launch plans in june 2021 is to provide work and education for everyone under 30 start country for application is Finland

Meaningful life for people over 60

 Work in progress with launch plan in august 2021 start country is Finland