Hampelmann Stefan Löfven und Hampelmann Pekka Haavisto! Ååååååh Maria in Finnland wohnen soooo viele idioten Maria!

Oh Dio! 70% chance our planet is dead 2030!

Bottled water is 3,500 times worse for the environment than tap water

In other words all conferences and courses and workshops arranged by

universities and academic people should offer tap water!

Mind you! Tap water in USA,canada and UK can be dangerous since these countries got lead

in their taps!

Special message to Rome! You guys got amazing tap water! Offer tap water! Hopefully

your tap water can save you from the mafia shit that is poisoning your town and country!


Oh Dio!

Oh Dio!

Swedish schools are a disaster because Baylan suffers from Asperger and Stefan Löfven is mean and hates Sweden so he lets Baylan be in swedish government!

Ännu en minister dras in i SSU-skandal 

Skolminister Ibrahim Baylan fick sin plats i SSU:s förbundsstyrelse genom valfusk. Avslöjandet kommer slå ned som en bomb hos den redan pressade Göran Persson. Nu är båda hans skolministrar misstänkta för oegentligheter inom SSU.


The creator of GIT is from Finland!

We cure everything with GIT

Ugly, ugly Vagina! Desperate old 40 year old women have very ugly Vagina!

You want to have a designer vagina!

Start late with sex and keep yourself with 1 vagina lover!

Data shows todays 40 year old women have had sooo many penises inside

their vaginas, the hole inside their vagina is huge like grand canyon!

In average a 40 year old woman has had 50 penises inside her! It is a total disaster!

It is ugly as the hole in ozone!

China does very ugly stuff! They are fake ppl!

Mon->Sun! Happy Days!

Happy Days!

Fake ppl! Fake Lives!

WhatsApp controversy highlights growing fears about data privacy

Many users abandoned WhatsApp after the messenger service changed its privacy policy. Worries that their data could end up with Facebook are driving them to competitors pushing superior data protection.


Work in progress! Regina Syndrome!

Åååååh Maria! In Finnland wohnen so viele idioten Maria!

RIP Finnland!

Working to clarify a theory under working name "Regina Syndrome".

Regina syndrome means that a mother is its childrens worse enemy!

If your mother throw you away at birth you will become mean! You will

suffer from "Stefan Löfven syndrome"

If you are 100% in love with your Y-chromosome and primitive like an

ape you suffer from "John Syndrome"

If your father is an alcoholist you become "Ritva Syndrome"

If your mother dies when you are 12 you become "Rosemarie Syndrome"

If your daddy is unfaithful you become "Heidi Syndrome"

If your Mama is alcoholist you become "Melanie Syndrome"

If you are surounded by Mafia you become "Maria Elena Syndrome"

If you are fake you get "Milano Syndrome"

You grow up without a physically present biological father you suffer

from " Samira-Yuki Syndrome"

If your husband is unfaithful you become bitter and a bitch! You suffer from

"Siv Syndrome"

If you lack identity you suffer from "Pekka Syndrome"

If you are a fake researcher you suffer from "Eric Syndrome"

If you are married to a dominant man who never let's you do 

what you want you suffer from "Anita Syndrome"

If you are from middle east but given away your own alphabets and only

know european alphabet you suffer from " stupid turkish man syndrome"

If you have a fake country and you export cocaine to the world you

suffer from "stupid iranian man syndrome "

If you are a fake professor who got help from irish mafia to become a professor

you suffer from " Peter syndrome" also known as " stupid finnish man syndrome"

If you are a fake swedish female professor and the slave of mafia you suffer from

"Susanne Syndrome"

If you are a fake swedish male professor and slave of mafia you suffer from

" Per Syndrome"

If you are stupid and a danger to your country and humanity you

suffer from "Pekka Haavisto Syndrome"

If you lack real education and have zero respect for humanity and your life consist totally about stealing data you have "Marc Zuckerberg Syndrome"

That's amore!

Sanna Marin is autistic! She sabotages smart ppls work! Resign Sanna Marin!

Virus, are they part of our genes?

case study prozac

We aim to identify biomarkers for diagnose and prognose of disease! Your body is yours get to know it get to love it




Anatomi som baskunskap

Adopted from Shtilvelman E et al., 2014

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Digital Health is our goal digital well being is our mission

Lets get smart and design our own life

At Finlandiabiosciences we are seeking digital solutions that help improve the quality of our daily life. Our goal is to give you a better daily life with the help of innovative ideas.

Work and education for everyone

Work in progress with launch plans in june 2021 is to provide work and education for everyone under 30 start country for application is Finland

Meaningful life for people over 60

 Work in progress with launch plan in august 2021 start country is Finland